Pioneers Taking Their Destiny

by Stefanie Brown
(Lemoyne, PA, USA)

I keep hearing the word "stage coach" and I see this covered wagon of times past where the people were going in search of the "promised land" so to speak, embarking on changing their lives, forging ahead to a land to "settle" in and start a "new life".

They carried with them all the important things they had, packing their belongings onto the wagon and on their horses, etc. and off they went.
I can’t imagine what that would feel like, can you? I have moved a lot in my lifetime. From the time I was 18, I have moved 14 times - 14 times in 32 years. Each move brought a new phase of my life, but I have never packed up all I had and moved to a land "unknown" as in never before occupied.

Back then, settlers were also called “pioneers”. A pioneer is: One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle.

As I keep seeing this “stage coach”, I see a long line of people behind it walking on a journey to “somewhere”. The land looks to be a field on either side of the trail they are on, headed for a destination yet to be seen. But they know where they are going. They are not wandering aimlessly.
Pioneers are people who have a hope in their hearts of the best. They have been where the “better” was, now they want “the best”. They have a “vision”. They have “heard” the report of a land that is “yet for the taking” and they are going to leave behind anything that will serve them no purpose or “excess baggage” and they will travel “light” toward their destiny. There is actual “movement”. They don’t just sit and talk about it, write out it, think about it, they “do” it, in spite of all the unknowns.

As I write this, many of you are on this trail, heading for a destination that you may not yet know, but you know you are moving towards your destination (destiny). Some of you reading this have a “gut feeling” you are soon going to embark and join the others on this trail.

We need to be encouraged to actually go forth and not hesitate. We must not wallow in what we think is "ok" or "comfortable" despite our feeling of discomfort. It is very easy to become comfortable with discomfort. We have a purpose. We have a destiny and we MUST go forward and “do”.

I know that I know, that God/the Universe/Spirit (whatever name you choose to use)...will not let us fail because He started the work within us.
Philippians 1:6 6 And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

Each person has a land to settle, a territory to take. A Destiny to Take! So whether you are already walking on the trail towards your destiny or have the gut feeling you need to get on the trail, keep going. Don’t stop, press forward, gather your strength and keep going.

I am here to help you in this time of blazing the trail to Take Your Destiny!

Stefanie Brown
Counselor/Advisor/Healer my site

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