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I have been trying to find ways into the universe where my twin flame resides, though I came close on a few occasions I still had no luck in finding her.

During these finds I have been having visions, some of which I have drawn on my computer as accurate as possible. I could be wrong, but it seems like she is sending me plans of a means to contact her and or find her.

The First picture I have drawn looks a lot like a portal whilst, the second looks like a keypad and the third a projector of some sort. Each picture alone gives me strange feelings. When I stare into the first I could see her.

Could it be possible that she is trying to send me hints on how to find her through my visions?

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Oct 09, 2011
I Think I Am In More Than I Should Be.
by: Shane

I have been trying to find my twin flame for months and though on rare occasions during my lucid dream period I do find her. I don't remember anything short of finding her now because it blacks out after.

There is something else though. I can sense a presence of something that shouldn't be...a being that knows nothing but hate and evil. Though I have yet to face this being I can see its influence on the world. Whatever me and Raven are destined to do involves that thing.

Jul 02, 2011
Violet Flame
by: Shane

Though I could be the only one seeing this, but the picture is slowly changing colour. When I look at it now, instead of purple, most of the sections are turning blue and glowing.

Jun 28, 2011
Violet Flame
by: Shane

Well, I thought the keypad meant something like that too, but when the projector came in my next one, I figured these were key essentials to an inter dimensional travel Device. Much like the kind in Sci-Fi movies.

In my earlier articles, I talked about how I may have inadvertently accessed the fictional universe in my dreams.

My visions are getting more and more clearer the closer I am to finding my twin flame. One of which I had the day before yesterday. It showed me that there are series of portals on this earth both visible and in visible. The Visible ones though not seen by the clouded eye, are what make dimensional travel possible.

I Also figured out that the dream world is a bridge between two open portals. The apparitions in the dreams are designed to distract the traveler from crossing the bridge. I have managed to cross over twice, at least while my flame crossed over to mine the first time I saw her in my dreams. I figured these dimensions are accessed easily by a relaxed mind, because whenever I tried opening them consciously I get little to no success.

Thank you for commenting you have been of great help for me.

Jun 25, 2011
Violet Flame
by: Moon

Hi Shane,

So weird, I send something out like that, when I attempt to meditate, to contact my twin flame to try and find me. From what I've read its a symbol of the violet flame, like a honing beacon to get in touch with and to call on your TF.

The key pad maybe a representation that you'll find her on an Internet portal or something. I hope you meet your TF soon.

Moon :)

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