Practicing Often – Inaccurate Answers

by Shauna
(Colorado, USA)

Hi Tanya,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and appreciate your insight.

I bought my first pendulum a few months ago, and had little success with it after spending hours working with it. My sister had one that was almost identical and she asked hers if a different pendulum would work better for me. It said "yes", so I made a trip to the metaphysical bookstore.

The first pendulum I picked up there immediately started working for me in the store. I had never felt such a strong connection, and the "yes" answer was hugely swinging up and down in a straight line and my "no" was a very strong side to side. I had done the exact same thing with my former pendulum and never once got the results.

I have practiced the psychic breathing technique prior to dowsing with my pendulum, but I still feel like my answers are not accurate. In looking for a lost item, it was completely wrong so I started having practice sessions.

I always meditate first and connect with my highest power, but even in my practice sessions the easy answers don’t come. I don’t feel like my answers will ever be accurate if it won’t answer simple ones correctly.

I wrote down the names of my children, myself and my husband on identical pieces of paper which I folded exactly the same. Closing my eyes, I selected one and put the rest aside. I opened the paper to "show" my guides without peeking and then covered it up. Then I went through the names slowly asking, "Does the piece of paper right here (indicating) have the name Mary on it?"

Then I waited for "yes or no" and went through the rest of the names. I was able to get clear and concise answers for each name and it seemed accurate because I ended up with only 1 yes. When I opened the paper to look, it was always incorrect. Not one time were my answers accurate.

It is very disheartening because I feel like I’m 100% onboard. Also I thought by working with something simple and easy to track I would have no mental hang-ups. I don’t have emotional ties to which name is on the paper and it seemed like a good practice method. I know I could use basic things like, "Is the sky blue?" or "Is it raining right now?" but since I obviously know the answers to those I don’t see how I could truly track if I am moving the pendulum myself because I know, or if it is a real answer.

I have tried to get answers in the store when selecting vitamins, or herbs for a specific ailment, but can’t get good input either.

Do you have any suggestions?

I am already doing everything I’ve read and can’t see why it’s not working for me. I feel very strongly that I have a very intense sense of intuition and a gift beyond typical people. This was recently revealed to me and I am trying to hone my skills on this so I can get answers as to where I need to focus my studies. I have had tarot readings that also say I do have a gift and need to work on my path.

Thank you so much for taking the time to dwell on my questions. There is so much information everywhere and I really thought the pendulum was a great start for me.

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Nov 24, 2011
Practicing Often – Inaccurate Answers
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Shauna,

I apologize for taking so long to answer, I've been quite ill the past few weeks.

Regarding the pendulum, I received that you are not supposed to be working with a pendulum right not. You have psychic abilities and you need to develope them and feel confident in trusting the answers you receive.

This same situation happened to me years ago, when I started working with my abilities. I started to rely heavily on the pendulum and then I kept losing them. I was told to stop using the pendulum.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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