Your Prayer For Healing
Is So Simple!

Concerning a prayer for healing, here is a brief selection of a conversation I had when I was communicating with God our Father.

I am so happy of my ability of hearing voices so that I can talk with Him, my spiritual guides and deceased loved ones.

When I call on our Father, I always have to say "God our Father". If I say, "My Father can you come in please," I have fathers coming in from my past lives.

This is what He told me when I asked him about a prayer for healing.

God's Answer:

All one has to do is to ask that his or her body be healed wherever it is blocked. In other words, wherever they are having pain in their body, one needs to ask that the emotions that are blocked be released.

Don’t they need to know what emotions are causing the blockage, whether it is anger or sadness or jealousy or whatever?

God's Answer:

First one needs to ask for help, always. In asking, they are opening the door for healing to take place.

Just like that, that’s it?

God's Answer:

Yes. You asked, my child, did you forget? You asked for healing to take place and it is happening.

That's true, but in my case Father I have abilities that many others do not have, what happens with them in that case?

God's Answer:

Someone will show up in their lives to help them to heal, just as you show up in people’s lives that have asked for help.

You make is sound so simple Father.

God's Answer:

It is. It is only humans who make it difficult for themselves. Man is his own worst enemy.

Thank you Father I will remember that.

Just Ask!

Whenever you pray to our Father God, use your own words, make it simple and keep it to the point. As He said, it is us who make it difficult for ourselves.

For any healing or cleansing to take place, it is a process of letting go:

  • letting go of old beliefs and behaviors that have created limitations,
  • letting go of negative emotions, fears and judgments and
  • letting go of old laws and agreements that have interfered with your ability to move forwards in life.

Remember this saying:

Heal your emotions and you will heal your body.

Here are other conversations I had with God, read internal cleansing and, my own personal experience concerning spiritual cleansing.

Another Healing Prayer

The following prayer is taken from "Healing With The Angels" by Doreen Virtue

Dear God,

I know that You created me in the perfect image and likeness of yourself. I ask that You, Holy Spirit, and the archangel Raphael help me know and experience this health in my physical body. I am willing to release all thoughts and behaviors that create the illusion of illness and pain. I know that You are omnipresent, so therefore, You exist in every cell in my body. Please help me feel Your love in my physical body so that I can know that You cradle me in Your arms right now. Amen

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