Predicting death

by PJ


I am new to using a pendulum and have been tricked many times in the past by answers coming from it. I have since learned to bless my pendulum (a new crystal one) and tell evil or any negative spirits or entities to stay away.

Now to my question: I have asked it if I will end up getting divorced. It answers, "no". I'll then ask will I be married for many more years to my current husband. It answers, "no". So then I think...hmm...and ask...Will my (current) husband die. It answers, "yes". I ask for details and it says he will die accidentally in California this year.

If I get different energies answering the questions each time or maybe not, why does it always tell me this? Does it think that this is what I want to hear? Can it predict death?

I am very confused. Thank you so much for your help.

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May 18, 2010
Predicting Death
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello PJ,

It is important to know that answers come from the spiritual realm and your higher self. Once your mind is clear the answers come easily.

Regarding death: we all know ahead of time, before each of us returns to earth, how and when we will die plus all the other things that we will encounter in life referring to our life's lessons. There are times that things can change, but that is always between the person in question and God.

You can only receive "yes" or "no" responses from the pendulum, so I am wondering how you received details unless you are receiving messages in another manner.

Obviously, you were ready for the answers that you received. But you can always ask, "Is it in my best interest to know the answer?" and "Am I ready to receive this answer?"
In the case of your husband, if your mind was clear without any other thought, that is what you received.

Your questions reminded me of questions I had asked regarding my partner.

In my case, I remember asking about his condition when he was recovering from alcohol and drug addiction and his health was not very good. I received answers that were correct about his death, but then I filed the information away and forgot about it because it was too upsetting to deal with at the time.

Interestingly enough, my partner told me about a dream he had a year before his death where it was revealed that he would die shortly after the death of his dog. It did happen, and he died from cancer of his throat area as I was told.

It is not that the pendulum is predicting death; you are receiving answers from the spiritual realm where everything is already preordained. You just need to be ready to accept the answers you are given.

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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