Purpose of Relationships

by Shay
(Houston, TX)

Sept. 2014 Houston, TX - morning drive

Sept. 2014 Houston, TX - morning drive


A question I asked Father God was, "What is the purpose of relationships?" The response I had was, "Relationships will magnify your faults".

Below were my thoughts on relationships thoughts and way of thinking.

A heavenly creator who has the ability to create heavens and earth, has/had the ability to create our human bodies to multiply by themselves. However, it was designed so we have:

- a relationship with another person - another spirit on earth who is also learning just like us, we call them wife, husband, partner, lover, etc.

- to live with another person, to get along with another person, learn to talk with another person, learn to negotiate with another person, to forgive and be forgiven with and by another person in order to learn from each other.

When we are in relationships, there will be times of happiness, sadness, agreements, disagreements, and more...and through all that we can grow in spirit with the help of the other person or we can choose to just walk away at times of hardship.

Need To Go Within

Times we have grown the most on a soul level and realized many of our own strengths and weakness' were during times of greater stress, which will make us confront our own selves and issues.

We have choices, we can blame the other person, or we can blame our selves or the third way is to ask why am I feeling this way or what can I learn from this difficulty I am experiencing?

However, at this time we have to be objective, and look at our own selves from a realistic perspective, not using many denial mechanisms to preserve our human Egos that makes us RIGHT. Experiencing difficulties can show us our own discomforts about our own selves, but we are "just" simply projecting them to the people across from us, the other person.

It has become so easy in our societies to just "get divorced". However, there is so much to be gained from working out issues that are troubling our relationships, it may not always be the other person, but if you allow and accept it may just show you what you need to work on. If it is painful than get the help of a gentle counselor to just listen to you express your feelings and set them free.

Two people come into a relationship with individual baggage and everyone has their own issues, when we open the bags the items may not always match, but the contrast and the differences can offer us something new to learn from, like new ways of thinking, being and acting.

So many people who are married and divorced make the same exact mistakes causing further break ups, it wasn't the people...but our own self that was the issue. But we look at others as the problem or to solve our problems and issues for us.

Our partners will REFLECT our own self back to us, if something is bothering us we can ask, "What is it about the situation/behavior/event that is bothering me?"

And if you are honest to your own self, you will know exactly what it is. Maybe old feelings, maybe old relationship issues, childhood traumas, maybe personal insecurities, etc...

"Ask and you shall find". But, you have to be able to ask yourself and find the answers deep within yourself. It is there, it may be a bit buried, but it is there.

The sooner you can dig and find, the sooner you will have more peace and peaceful relationships, not just with your partner, but with everyone you will encounter on your journey of what we call LIFE.

This can be applied to all relationships, not just our wives, husbands, lovers, but to all, even to the stranger that may be standing next to you.

We are all constantly reflecting ourselves on each other, so the next time we feel uncomfortable with someone, we can ask, "What is making me feel uncomfortable with this person?"

See where the road of thoughts lead you. Get a small journal and write your thoughts from a heart/soul level.

Relationships are a gift given to us by our Heavenly Creator, whom I call Father God. It is one of the many of meaningful gifts we are given.

Relationships can help us on so many levels, if we and our partners are willing to work on them going through the pains, emotions, ups and downs. And remember, the person who is gaining from this is YOU, you came to this world alone and you leave alone. What you learn is for YOU and for the growth of your own soul.

Many blessings and may your hearts find all levels of comfort knowing and reflecting on this matter. There is no best time but now.

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