Questions About A Pendulum I Just Bought

I just got a pendulum, and I was messing with it last night. When I put it up on my table, the next morning it was somewhere else and I was 100% sure it was next to me.

When I went to sleep, my boyfriend was already sleeping and all a sudden he raised his head up as if something was behind him. Then that same morning, he said he felt like something entered him and let him see a vision which he can't remember now.

But he said something made him look, and when I asked him if he saw something, he said "no". He felt it, and when I asked why he didn't say anything about it last night, he said he couldn't speak, but fell right back to sleep until he was able to tell me.

Now I know people say they (spirits?) aren't dangerous, but what if you already are sensitive to spirits?

I have done alot of evp's with spirits in the past, and they have always came easy from the begining, but I haven't done it in almost 3 yrs.

Is it true that I should say thanks when I'm done using it (pendulum?) so nothing is attached to it? I never asked any spirit to speak to me either, and I am a very religious person.

I know stuff like that can impair my thinking, but did that happen to my boyfriend? He didnt mess with it, and when I was asking him questions, they were just funny things.

So could you give me some advise on it? I really do like it (pendulum) and I'm not putting all my belief in it to mess with my thinking.

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Feb 02, 2010
Questions About A Pendulum I Just Bought
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


You need to know that the answers to most questions you ask come through your higher self, unless you are speaking to your spiritual guide or some other spiritual being. This is the reason that it is important that your mind is clear of all thoughts so that you are able to let the answers come through.

It is important that you realize this in order to know that your pendulum cannot "mess" with your mind. Your mind is a tool for you to use in your everyday life; it is not you. It is filled with everything that you learn and do, and you can change your thought processes, but not your higher self.

Your soul is the real you, and you can access your soul through your higher self. Meditation is the best way to reach your higher self.

Your higher self knows everything you have ever experienced from the very beginning of your existence. Your higher self is not influenced by any other thought processes or beliefs, but if your mind is not clear, whatever is in your mind can influence your pendulum.

It is important you are grounded and protected and that your pendulum is cleansed before working with it. Your mind also has to be open to receive because any preconceived belief can hinder the answer that you receive.

I sense that you are carrying a fear of other spirits, or some thing that can influence you. No one person or spirit can influence you unless you let them. So release your fears so that you can be open to receive.

Before working with your pendulum say the following which is taken from my dowsing-for-beginners.html page:

"Please clear all detrimental energies from me and from my pendulum. Allow only the Highest Universal Truth to work through me in perfect harmony and balance for the greatest degree of accuracy in my dowsing."

Before asking any questions, I suggest that you ask,
"Can I receive an accurate answer to this question"?
Perhaps you are not yet ready to receive a particular answer.

If you feel that your pendulum has been moved, perhaps your spiritual guide or a departed soul that you know is trying to reach you. Just ask.

In terms of your boyfriend, I need to speak to him privately. If he is interested, he can contact me through the contact me heading on the Nav Bar which is on the left side of all pages on my website.

Sending you light and love,
Tanya Tkach, spiritual counselor

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