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Smoking Cravings

Quit Smoking CravingsCigarette Smoking

If you want to quit smoking cravings, this information will help you to eliminate them.

This image of an ashtray full of cigarette butts, and a smoking cigarette is what I used to see around our home all the time when Wally was alive. He was a chronic smoker and had lit cigarettes going all the time.

I had a very difficult time with second hand smoke and finally persuaded him to smoke in the garage.

He was able to stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs, but could not stop smoking. At that time, I did not have the information I have today. He tried many times to stop smoking, but he just wasn't able to do it. The patch also didn't work for him, he said it just made him sick.

Once you have set your intention to quit the smoking habit, the rest of these steps to follow will be easy. Since your body has the cravings, you need to address the symptoms in your physical body.

The first thing I advise you to do is a liver cleansing. Just like you have a filter on cigarettes, your liver is your body's filter for poisons and toxins in your system.

I understand cravings and addictions because I have the addiction gene which is in our family, for me it was mainly food. But I also had addictions to other things. Since I have been working on myself for years, most of the time, I no longer have any cravings from addictions.

To cleanse your liver, I recommend Milk Thistle from Pure Herbs. I know the herbs from this company as I have been taking them for years and highly recommend them.

They do not have any toxic additives, but since you are cleansing your liver, you may feel a bit off for the first few days. That is a common after effect.

Why do I recommend Milk Thistle?

To Quit Smoking Cravings, Natural Herbs is the Best Choice

Milk Thistle Remedy

I recommend herbs to help quit smoking because they are natural and you will not have any risky side effects. Here is information about Milk Thistle:

  • it cleans and repairs the liver and gallbladder
  • provides oxygenation
  • is a good source of selenium
  • prevents bad cells from multiplying

Milk Thistle is proven effective for fatty degeneration of the liver as well as poisoning and and liver congestion through many forms of abuse. It protects, detoxifies and regenerates the liver and has a flushing effect of the gallbladder.

Since Milk thistle works on eliminating the poisons from your liver, you need to make sure they exit your body immediately. this is why I also recommend taking Casgara Sagrada and C.C.E.-W which will make sure you void disgusting wastes that are cleansed from your liver.

It is recommended to take 40 drops per day (I suggest 1/2 that amount to start), plus the equal amount rubbed onto your liver, under the ribs in front from one side of your body to the other.

For more serious cases, also rub Vitamin E from 100 or 400 I.U. capsules and Herbal Adjustment. Then apply absorbent gauze or cheesecloth saturated with Olive Oil. On the next layer, saturate absorbent gauze with Milk Thistle extract over the liver area. Cover with plastic sandwich wrap and leave on overnight, the next morning throw it away and do this each night until you feel better.

This treatment is also good for alcoholic poisoning of the liver.

 Brain and Nerve Food is Important to
Quit Smoking Cravings

Besides cleansing your liver, you also need to give nourishment to your brain to help your body make the adjustment. I recommend B.&N.C.-W. This herbal remedy is excellent, and is also good for memory problems. I've taken it and it works!

B.&N.C.-W is a brain and nerve cocktail consisting of:

  • Alfalfa to clean and feed the pituitary gland
  • Barberry for the hypothalamus
  • Chamomile for the pineal gland
  • Gotu Kola for the entire brain and memory
  • Parsley for the involuntary nervous system
  • Black Walnut for cleansing and correcting the electrical properties of the the nervous tissues

The brain along with the a great deal of nerve material in the spine, autonomic (involuntary) nervous system and the rest of the body is responsible for receiving and sending information to body parts.

The control center of your brain (hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal complex) when functions as it should assists the recovery of the failing body. It needs to be included in a nutritional program because when the glands of the brain are functioning normally, then the brain cells, nerves and organs can also function as they should.

Besides ingesting 20 to 40 drops with each meal, you can also apply about 1 tablespoon of B.& N.C.-W on the scalp,  on the temples, around the ears and back on the neck about 3 times per day until no longer needed.

You could also take Scullcap which is good for all regeneration of the nerve tissues.

These herbs to help quit smoking are one of the things you can do to eliminate smoking. I will write on other things you can do to quit smoking cravings.

To order these herb products and for more information on herbal remedies to quit smoking cravings from Pure Herbs, contact me.

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