Do you Know the Reasons
For Hearing Voices?

The most obvious reasons for hearing voices, aside of having mental illness, are spiritual in nature. If you have the ability to hear voices, it is a gift from God and consider yourself fortunate.

Hearing VoicesHearing Voices

Now with Mother Earth's ascension, more and more people are discovering that they can hear voices, see and feel spirits, foretell the future and so on. People are awakening to their spiritual gifts.

When you first discover that you are able to hear voices, you most probably think, "I must be crazy."

No, you are not. It is a wonderful spiritual gift - an ability to connect to the spiritual world. There is more to life than just the physical world we live in.

Learning What You Can Do is One of The
Reasons for Hearing voices

Think of all of your loved ones, family, friends, teachers, neighbors who have died and will want to give you information, to talk with you, and to give you messages that will help you to understand life after death.

You will also be able to speak with your spiritual guides, and we have many.

There are other good reasons for hearing voices such as the fact that you have had this ability before, in another life time, and you are re-connecting with this ability again in this life time.

Without realizing it, you have had many life times of perfecting this ability through your spiritual lessons. More than likely, you have probably been sacrificed and put to death for your spiritual beliefs.

Like myself, perhaps you have gone through this life and many other life times not listening to your family and teachers, before learning the lesson of listening. That is another good reason for hearing voices now.

Perhaps, you have this ability in order to help others in some way that you have yet to discover.

When you are able to accept your ability of hearing voices in your head you will be able to realize that you can communicate with all of your loved ones who have died and your spiritual guides as I have. Another wondrous world of communication will open for you, and your life will take on another dimension.

You may also be interested in reading what are spiritual gifts.

If you would like my help online, why don't you share your story in order to help others who may be having the same issues as yourself. Even if you have questions concerning your experience, right now go to share your story or questions

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