Reawaken Your Natural Intuition - Trust In Yourself

by Lad Di
(Doylestown, PA USA)

In this age of new enlightenment that has come upon us, many are learning how to tune into their inner knowledge and how to use that inner knowledge to bring them guidance and insight in their daily lives.

We are all born with a close connection to our inner knowledge, but as we grow older and integrate ourselves into society's cultures and demands, we force ourselves to carry out hectic, fast paced schedules. Less time for ourselves, along with increased stress, causes us to ignore our natural born instincts and stop using them, which causes us to lose that close connection.
People have modernized to a point that our technologically advanced world we live in often interferes with us maintaining a close relationship to the universe and our intuition. The good news is we can always learn to reconnect to the universe and ourselves. With our world's changing energies and this new age of enlightenment coming upon us, it is imperative that we take time out of our busy lives in order to re-establish an intimate connection with our intuition.

We must first learn to trust in ourselves before we can find that spot of inner knowledge that is within us all. We have all the answers we need in life, stored deeply inside ourselves and we need only learn how to once again access and trust our hidden inner wisdom. Animals have a very strong intuition that we call instinct. They have always had to rely on their instincts, using them throughout their daily lives for their survival. Because they continually use their intuition on a daily basis, they never lose their ability to access it and using their instincts has become second nature for them. We have the very same ability to form a strong bond with our intuition also, but because we have neglected it so much, we need to learn how to build that connection once again and then learn how to keep it. There are many things you can do to help reconnect yourself to your environment and your inner knowledge. Any activity that gives you some quiet time and helps you rid yourself of stress should help.

Some ideas are to take time and find a peaceful spot where you can relax and connect with nature again. Go to a park or go on a long hike. Perform daily prayer in a peaceful environment. The best method to re access your intuition is to use meditation on a daily basis. Please do not expect to be able to access your intuition clearly after performing one of these activities just once or twice. The ability of these activities to help you access your intuition are cumulative. They need to be performed on a semi regular schedule, daily preferred, in order to for them to continue to build your intuitive abilities.

Meditation is a technique for deep relaxation to heal the body, quiet the mind, create inner peace, harmony, and balance through focus and awareness. The following is a basic meditation used to promote relaxation and provide a tranquil meditative state to improve intuition and mental clarity:

  • Sit or lie in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and get in a comfortable position.
  • Close your eyes and let your body relax and your arms and legs go limp.
  • Concentrate on your breathing as you take a slow, long deep breath in, and then slowly let it out. As you exhale, feel yourself relaxing more and more. A sharp mind and calm body is what you want to achieve.
  • Take several slow deep breaths and try to clear your mind of any and all thoughts and only focus on your being, breathing and relaxing.
  • Allow yourself to completely relax and take note of any sensations, images, tastes, or scents that may come to mind. Keep your body relaxed and your mind free from hectic thoughts.

You can perform this exercise for only a couple of minutes, or as long as you like.

With daily meditation and other activities that create a peaceful, contemplative state of mind, it should not be too long before you realize your intuition is beginning to blossom once again. It should start coming back to you quite subtly so try to take notice of any slight insights you may be receiving from your mind, your body, and or the environment around you. There are so many types of meditations and other techniques to help you improve your intuition, you need only Google intuition exercises in order to find a variety of techniques. A very informative site that contains several types of meditations and other techniques to access your intuition is The Intuitive Pathway.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you for this lovely article, taking the time to write and to share.

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