Receiving Confusing Answers From Pendulum

by Joanne Brydon
(Nelson, South Island, New Zealand)

Hi and thanks for this service. Much appreciated.

I have been using my pendulum a lot recently and loving it. I have been mostly using it to help me determine which foods are good for me and which are not, in order to help me heal from a recurring glandular/mono/Epstein Barr Virus, before my baby is born.

It's told me that I need to be on a strict diet for 3 months to heal for good. All was going well but, now I'm getting confusing results that I wouldn't expect.

I think I have either confused it by repeating the same question a few times recently. (I have heard pendulums only like to answer a question once).

Perhaps, I'm not asking the right specific question. When I took it to the supermarket to check out a replacement for butter with margarine, I got flustered and then this confused it.

I switched recently from the question, "Is this .... good for my body?" to "Will this .... hinder the healing of my glandular dis-ease/illness?"

It gave me a yes for a mandarin and a yes for sheep cheese (when a kinesiologist I see said my body was happy to have goat or sheep milk products).

Any thoughts about this?

The other query I have is, can you simply visualize the food, when it's not with you? When it contains many ingredients, do I have to specify some or all of the ingredients?

For example, Can I ask if Thai Chicken Curry is good for me or do I have to specify that it has some sugar in it or that it is with white rice?

Will the answer apply to the next day, week, month, etc?

I'll leave it at that. Hope this is detailed enough to make sense and, thanks again for this opportunity to learn more.

Light & Blessings To You

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Jul 01, 2009
Receiving Confusing Answers From Pendulum
by: Joanne

Your help was really clear and covered everything.

Thanks very much!

Jul 01, 2009
Receiving Confusing Answers From Pendulum
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Joanne,

You have many good and relevant questions, and I'm sure they will help others too.

In your specific case, since you are healing from the Epstein Barr virus, you need to stick to the foods that are good for your body. And I suggest you keep asking, "Is this ...good for my body?"

Don't change that particular question. Each time you ask the question, your mind needs to be clear and objective without any other thoughts, otherwise you will confuse the pendulum.

With regards to many ingredients, you have to list each ingredient because of your specific case. I would think that any synthetic sugar is not good for you.

Also it's important to have the food or package in your hand. Everything has vibrations and that is why it is necessary. Simple visualization of packaged food is not enough.

If a particular food is not good for you, I suggest you wait at least three months until your body has healed before you ask the same question.

Our bodies are changing all the time. At one time, I remember that I could not eat wheat products, but now I can.

So it is good to ask the same questions about food after some time, but not every day. Asking the same question once at one time is enough.

If you don't get a response to a particular question, your mind could be confusing the pendulum or, you are not ready to receive a particular answer at that time. And you can also ask the question, "Am I ready to receive the answer at this time?"

The more you meditate, the better you will become with using your pendulum.

I hope these answers offer some clarity for you.

Sending you light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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