Recovery from Recent Deaths

recent-deathsFacing Loss

Recovery from the recent deaths of my mother, sister and partner was overwhelming and painful, and the healing period took a long time.

There are times when I think of them, and tears still come to my eyes, but the physical pain of losing them is gone. At the time, losing them left me feeling empty and totally alone.

You can read about my experience of losing my mother in death of a parent.

After my mother died, it felt as if I had an enormous cavity in the middle of my chest...I had no reason for living and I wanted to join my loved ones on the other side.

And when my partner and sister were gone, there were days when I remained in my PJ’s, not aware of where I was nor what I was doing, and was often outside wandering around in my garden.

Talking to The Spirits of My Loved Ones

My ability of hearing voices led to the name of my website, Beyond Hearing Voices. Since their deaths, I could hear the voices of my mother, sister and partner Wally daily.

Plus hearing the voice of my guide Matoowah was comforting and helped me get through the days.

Wally would often remind me of things I needed to do, or could do. His sense of humor kept me going.

At night I was with them in my dreams, but often during my waking hours, the harsh reality of being all alone struck hard.

Eventually our conversations led to my spiritual journal, and my own spiritual healing.

Spiritual Journal

My Animals Also Mourned The Recent Deaths

At that time, thankfully I had the comfort of my animals - my two Aussies Marlo and Bandit, Pochi the cat, and Charlie the budgie who all seemed to have one single purpose - to help me get through the days. They were mourning too.

All four of us would cocoon in bed giving each other strength. My animals helped me tremendously throughout my mourning of recent deaths.

There was also my good friend and mentor Fran with whom I spent hours on the phone. She was my life line. You may be surprised who your true friends are during a time of crisis and mourning.

How did I cope with losing three people whom I loved the most?

I went through it moment by moment...sometimes just concentrating on my breathing, at times I would stop breathing, then hour by hour, then finally day by day.

There were times when my breathing reminded me that I was still alive. Until finally, one day, I was able to see sunshine at the end of the long dark tunnel.

There was a period when the Oprah and Dr. Phil shows helped to get me through the days.

Experiencing tragic loss of recent deaths is part of spiritual awakening symptoms, it can also lead you to question your own existence - the meaning of life, your life. This type of self questioning is the beginning of your spiritual awareness.

In my case, spiritual consciousness occurred after losing my loved ones.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, as I was experiencing my healing transformation, the seeds were germinating for my first book "That Damn Voice Again, Communication from Beyond".

Once you have paid, contact me with your shipping address.

You can also read more about my spiritual and personal growth and my experiences at my spiritual journal.

I lost my beloved cat Pochi from old age two years ago just before Christmas (sometimes I see her running in the fields playing with KiKi a cat who found me) and one of my dear 'Aussies' Bandit three months ago. We're still not used to the huge space Bandit left behind, and I miss my boss - Pochi.

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