Remembering Past Lives Is Available Through Online Counseling

remembering-past-livesRemembering a Past Life

Remembering past lives is possible through my form of therapy. To find out about it, read existential therapy treatment.

I do not use the conventional therapeutic technique for past lives regression which is hypnotism whereby the client enters a meditative state.

While in this state, the client is lead by the therapist into past lives in order to discover the root cause of anxiety and phobias, and chronic pain which has underlying negative emotions such as anger. Read the cause of anger.

Personally, I find this form of treatment invasive as it can be very traumatic for the client. Many negative emotions are usually caused by traumatic experiences.

I’ve developed my own form of therapy through remembering past lives based on my personal experiences plus the help of my spiritual guides.

This therapy is guided through my ability of communicating in the spiritual realm and by seeing what actually happened in a particular past life.

I have learned this method also by communicating with God.

Remembering Past Lives Daily Regression

Past life occurrences are usually triggered by circumstances or issues in a relationship involving a person whom you have known from a past life. You are together in this life time for a reason - to resolve your past life negative issues.

For help with remembering your past lives, you can order Denis Linn's Journeys Into Past Lives

Remember when you meet someone, it is not a coincidence or chance, there is always a reason. Triggers can happen with your partner, another family member, your boss or friend. All your primary relationships are with your karmic soul mates.

Usually, you have a feeling that you have known a particular person before which could have negative or positive effect upon you. And, if you feel negatively towards someone for no real apparent reason, it could be due to a traumatic incident from a past life where you were murdered, or punished or threatened.

Once this person enters your life, you could also have past life dreams, and flashes of past life memories.

This memory becomes locked in your cellular memory which is a storehouse for all the situations from your past lives

These traumatic incidences always have emotions that become blocked in your cellular memory. For more information on emotions, read what are emotions.

These blocked emotions can be the cause of many problems in your present life concerning negative situations:

  • involving anger,
  • abuse and addictions.
  • and chronic illness, or
  • recurrent situations involving some form of spousal, emotional, sexual, physical, and mental abuse which leads to low self esteem and lack of confidence.

If you are continually involved is some sort of abusive relationship, you most likely have blocked emotions, often caused by past life situations and your childhood abusive relationships.

Besides the above abuse, there is also

  • self abuse, in the form of cutting, eating, and sexual disorders.

If you have answered yes to any of these forms of abuse, you need help. You can contact me for counseling or go to online spiritual counseling.

One more thing I would like to mention, according to God negative beliefs are the cause of many illnesses.

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