The Causes Of Repressed Anger
Lie Deep Within

Anger turned inwards becomes repressed anger, and the reality is that anyone who is angry with his or herself does not realize it.

Teen Showing Repressed AngerBoy Repressing His Anger

 This form of anger is dangerous. It can lead to depression self abuse or self injury, and suicide. Are you an angry person?

If you become angry easily, you may have an anger disorder which is having constant anger that gets out of control. Read about anger disorder.

My Personal Story

I will disclose personal incidents from my childhood hoping that it will help you in understanding your own situation. Certain situations from my youth led to buried feelings of intense emotions  such as anger which later became repressed anger which I didn't realize I was carrying. When you bury your angry feelings, and are not aware of it, this is repressed anger.

I can remember as a child feeling that I wished I were dead. It resulted from the rejection I felt both from my mother and father (who separated when I was three), and my older sisters. I was also felt intense anger  towards my mother who would  not allow me to express my emotions. Because my mother was so busy trying to make ends meet for three children and herself, she had no time for me and I was constantly told to stop bothering her.

Feelings Of Rejection

The feelings of rejection and lack of love resulted from being pushed away by my mother and my older sisters. Also being often told that I was a "brat" and a "nuisance" led to feelings of anger and rejection.

Since I was not allowed to express my emotions to anyone in my family, I buried them.

There were times I wished I had other parents, ones who loved me. My feelings of rejection often led to thoughts of suicide.

Visits To A Psychiatrist

As a young girl, I appeared solemn, quiet and shy. A certain young teacher, whom we all loved as kids, contacted my mother about my problem.

I was sent to a psychologist and then a psychiatrist. At the time I did not feel comfortable talking about my angry feelings, which made me feel guilty, to a stranger.

Buried Emotions Like Repressed
Anger Cause Physical Pain

All the angry and rejected feelings I experienced as a child were forgotten. Eventually, these blocked emotions and repressed anger from childhood  caused many physical pains in my body.

This pain was caused by all the buried emotions of my childhood. The blockages were in my stomach, digestive organs, upper and lower back.

I had also built many barriers around my heart in order not to feel the emotional pain of rejection which later resulted in hypertension and anxiety, and if I did not release my intense emotion, I probably would have had a stroke, as my mother did, or even a heart attack

The point of explaining my experiences is to help you understand how buried negative feelings can cause much pain and illness in your body. Through healing my own my personal issues, I can also help you through yours with online spiritual counseling. and using my Cellular Memory Releasing technique.

Once you realize what is causing your pain, you are able to heal by releasing all the negative emotions within, and by forgiving yourself and others. Once you have completed this process, your body has the capacity to heal itself.

You can release your anger through my technique in letting go of anger,  not by dumping it on someone else.

You do not have to carry pain and suffering endlessly. When you

Heal your emotions, you heal your body.

There are herbs to help heal your emotions such as D.A.N.C. and N.-W from Herbes Pures which are available in Canada or Pure Herbs in the US. These are much better for your body as opposed to taking prescribed drugs for repressed emotions.

To find out more about herbs go to  herbs for healing. You can contact me to order both of these herbs.

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