Sage Cleansing Your
Body And Home

Sage cleansing can clear one’s body aura and home from negativity. This method of cleansing with sage is also called smudging. It is important to use dried sage clippings in a ceramic or glass bowl that is heat resistant such as Pyrex. It is also good to have sand on hand to put out the smoldering sage afterward.

Here's how you smudge a physical body:

  • light the clippings, then blow out the flame and
  • fan the smoke either with a feather or your hand, over the physical body that is being cleansed
  • fan the smoke from the feet upwards, ending at the head and
  • fan the smoke above the head.

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Besides using sage for cleansing your body, you can also use it to cleanse objects in the same manner by fanning the smoke over and around the object.

You can also do sage spiritual cleansing and clear a room from negativity and dark or cold areas in the same manner by starting in a corner and working clockwise around the room.

When you are using sage for cleansing your home, it is important to keep the door and windows closed. After you finish smudging the last corner, go to the center of the room and hold the bowl above your head and let the smoke rise to the ceiling.

When you are finished with the sage cleansing process, make sure that the smoke is put out either by putting it in sand or running water over it.

It is important to do this cleansing process in a spiritual manner with care for the unseen powers. Pray to the Higher Power and spirits asking for their help.

Other Properties of Sage Herb

Sage is a small evergreen shrub with woody stems, grayish leaves and blue to purple flowers. Sage can be used in the kitchen as an herb for cooking, and its essential oil is also used for medicinal purposes such as an :

  • antibiotic,
  • astringent,
  • anti-fungal,
  • antispasmodic and
  • as a tonic.

Sage cleansing can also be taken internally for

  • indigestion,
  • gas,
  • symptoms of symptoms of liver problems,
  • excessive lactation,
  • excessive perspiration and
  • excessive salivation,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • female sterility and
  • menopausal problems.

Lastly, Sage can also be used externally for

  • insect bites;
  • throat, mouth, gum and skin infections; and
  • vaginal discharge.

How You Can Do Internal Cleansing, Too

Besides using sage cleansing for you home, here are more herbs for your own internal cleansing that I recommend:

  • Pure Herbs in the US and Les Herbes Pures in Canada. All their herbal and natural antibiotics products are made from 100% pure plant extracts without any additives or toxic chemicals. I have been distributing and using their products for years and I highly recommend them.

Here is a list of several herbal products from Pure Herbs, of which one is only necessary for cleansing each of the following:

Intestines, use either of these products - Cascara Sagrada, C.C.E.-W, L.B.R.-W, Psyllium. For digestive system - Depurative Formula, D.B.8-W (also good for diabetes), L.G.-W (also good for cleansing liver). For getting rid of parasites - W.-W., Black Walnut.

Respiratory Tract - A.E.A.-B, Formula # 31, L.-W., S.I.-W, Wild Cherry Bark Special (especially for cleansing sinuses.

Blood - C.C.E.-W, C.S.T.-M, D.B.8-W, Depurative Formula, L.G.-W, O.C.M., Lapacho, Red Clover Blended ( also good for cancer prevention).

Liver - L.G.-W, Chicory, Milk Thistle (for repair and rejuvenation).

Bowels - Depurative Formula,

Lymphatic System - All Cell Salts, Black Walnut, CST-M, Lapacho, Red Clover Blended.

For any of the above products, it is necessary to be tested in order to find out which product is best for your body. You can contact me for ordering or testing.

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Besides Sage Cleansing Your Body and Home,
Emotional Cleansing Is Important, Too

Another very important of cleansing has to do with your emotions. If you find that you are suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • grief and loss issues
  • irritability and/or anger,
  • depression and anxiety,
  • lack of self esteem,
  • guilt,
  • overwhelming stress,
  • sexual abuse and/or incest,
  • childhood abuse or trauma
  • panic attacks
  • unresolved fear
  • insomnia,

and you need help to find the cause and to release your toxic emotions, I can help you with whatever issues and emotions are plaguing you. Contact me at online spiritual counseling.

Relaxing in a natural mineral salt bath is very good for releasing negative toxins from your muscles. Check out the natural products by clicking on the banner at Solay Wellness below.

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