Scared and Alone

by Marlene Bony
(United Kingdom)

My son's partner has started to hear voices,it seems she is hearing a situation that happened somewhere in the past, in the living she can hear a lady in a rocking chair nursing a baby and singing a lullaby, upstairs she hears what appears to be the same lady plus an elderly lady screaming help us.

Not only does my daughter in law hear the voices at home, but also at work...I have told her not to be frightened, but to ask questions.

She asked them if they needed help, the voice came back, "Yes."

Then she asked, "Do you want my help?"
The voice then said. I don't trust the man. As you can imagine she is so scared as she is getting so many voices coming though to her.

Please help.

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Jan 22, 2016
Scared and Alone
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Marlene,

I would prefer to speak or write to your daughter-in-law, I will give you the following information to help her understand.

She has the ability of clairaudience which more and more people are discovering that they have. She does not have to fear having this gift, but she needs to understand how to work with it.

These souls that are talking to her are lost, they could have lived in the same place where she is living. They need to return home.

Many souls have lost their way upon their physical death. There is usually a spiritual highway that souls can follow to return home, but that has been broken down in many areas because of the catastrophes happening on earth causing many of them to float around aimlessly. Many return to places they are to which they are familiar and others go towards any light that they see.

For now, she needs to call in Archangel Michael ans ask him for his help in taking the lost souls home. If she is so inclined she can pray for them and wish them a safe journey upon their return.

She can also ask Archangel Michael to cleanse her environment, also she can use sage.

she also needs to ask him to cleanse herself, and to surround her with a protective shield.

And everyday to make sure she surrounds herself with a veil of Divine light to protect herself from the souls who are lost, also to do this if she wants to communicate with souls. Many souls are carrying negative vibrations which can affect her, especially if she is empathic.

Tell her she is not alone, she has her spiritual guides and angels that she can call on for their help. She must also release her fear for that only brings in more of the same.

There are enlightened individuals out there who can help people like your daughter-in-law to develop her gift(s).

For more information, tell her to contact me.

Sending light and love,

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