Seeing Things That Were Not There???

by amber

I did the process of doing a detox (18 days) where you eat only healthy foods lots of raw fruits/veggies nothing processed etc...and only organic. I am also taking some herbs from a naturopathic doctor - Wormwood, Black Walnut and Cloves.

My grandmother had passed away a year earlier.

I was walking my dog over a small bridge near my home, and I saw 3-4 black fat snakes curled up on the bridge. I could not see the heads of the snakes. I was worried that my dog was going to get bit, but he was way in front of me on the leash. To my surprise he trotted right past and didn’t even try to sniff them.

When I walked past, they did not move so I assumed they were dead. I was going to tell my husband when I got back about all the snakes I saw on the bridge, but for some reason I forgot about it when I got back in the house, and never told him. The next day I went out for another walk with the dog. As I walked through the grass another black fat snake darted off in the canal! As I continued my walk it happened again.

I was amazed at all the snakes, as I had never seen any before? I was going to ask my husband if he has been seeing them. When I got home I never told him about the snakes. I have no idea why…maybe I forgot? I started to wonder if it really happened or if I dreamt it? But I know I was outside really walking my dog when I saw the snakes…this went on for about 3 days in a row. I never knew why I never remembered to tell my husband...this is why I wondered if it was not real?

Around same time I started having vivid dreams of my grandma, and we would have conversations through my dreams. Sometimes over a phone in my dreams, and it was her voice just telling me “Hi” or that she loved me. It became so frequent that I was having full on conversation with her in my dreams. I would ask her things and she would answer.

Then it was as if she was trying to tell me something with messages, but I could not figure it out. One was with two specific dates that were written on my hand in the dream, 8/10 was on my hand, and I kept saying out loud 10/10 as in Oct. I never figured it out, but she was always in the dream with one of my cousins always, so I thought it had to do with his family...then 3 to 4 yrs later he died. I am assuming that his death is what she was warning me of, but the dates still do not make sense.

Since then, I have not had any dreams of her or talked to her. It stopped a year before he died or so. But can you help me with what the snakes were and what she was trying to tell me? Why can’t I talk to her now, or my cousin?

That was the first time I had ever had so much interaction with someone that had passed, and don’t have it now. When I was a kid, I saw a woman float over my bed. Other than that I have never had anything else happen, except for a few times when young I would dream something and then found out that it really happened? Nothing big…

Can you help to shed some light on this for me? I would like to talk to my grandma again. One of the last times I spoke to her in a dream she told me she couldn’t talk to me anymore. I was upset and said, “No, please”...but that was it.

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Aug 27, 2016
Black Snakes
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Anon,

Snakes can mean many different things such as rebirth, resurrection, initiation and wisdom.

Snakes are symbols of change and healing. since you are seeing snakes, you may find quick changes and shifts happening in your life. Look for a rebirth and powers of creativity and wisdom.

Also read Ted Andrews book "Animal Speak" where he writes about different animal, insect, birds and reptile totems.

It is an interesting and informative book you need to have in your library.

Sending light and love,

Aug 18, 2016
Black Snakes
by: Anonymous

I have been seeing black snakes on my sofa, and coming out of my cell phone. They have appeared out of nowhere in strange places, but no one can see them but me.

They never try to harm me they just wiggle out of the way.

What does it mean?

Mar 22, 2009
Seeing Things...
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello, Amber,

I mentioned the book "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews to read comprehensive messages by animals. You can get it at

There is also a great address online to find out what animals, reptiles, and birds wisdom represent at:

You will find the snake/serpent wisdom there.

Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Mar 21, 2009
Seeing Things Not There--response
by: Anonymous

Thank you both for telling me about the snakes and my grandma. I wanted to read more on your snakes information..where did you continue your post? Thank You.

Mar 20, 2009
Seeing Things...
by: Anonymous

Hello Again,

This is the conclusion of "Seeing Things"...

Referring to your grandmother: at that time she had to go and do her own work. It has happened to me with my loved ones who have passed over. Once the soul transitions into the spiritual realm, there is much work to be done and they are not always available for us.

She is still there for you and she will respond if she can. You just have to call on her, and open your heart to receive her, as is the case with your cousin.

Regarding the numbers: The 8/10 and the 10/10 could also be references in time, for example 8:10 AM or 10:10 AM.

There is also another aspect of the numbers - when you add 8+10 = 18, 1+8 = 9, 9 presenting the end of a cycle. In 10/10, 10+10 = 20, 2=0 = 2 which represents pairs.

Any number that ends with a "0" has God's protection, "0" also represents the circle and we all belong in the circle - we are all as one.

For more information regarding numbers, do some research on numerology or consult a numerologist, it is not my area of expertise.

You are given much information in your dreams, and that too is a gift - knowing what is coming in the future.

You will have to go within and see if knowing what lies ahead is your mission in life - helping others with information ahead of time.

Sending you light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Webmaster, Spiritual Counselor

Mar 20, 2009
Seeing Things...
by: Tanya Tkach

Dear Amber,

Thank you for your interesting experiences, and your willingness to share them with others.

You have the gift of seeing with your 3rd eye - you can see things that others do not see. This is truly a remarkable gift that many wish they could have

The snakes were only there for you to see, your dog was not aware of them, and you were not supposed to tell your husband. This is the reason why you were not able to remember seeing them. They were there to give you a message.

Animals always have messages for us when they appear several times in succession in our lives.

As an aside, I, too, saw 3 snakes in succession (3 days) in my cellar each morning as I was filling my wood stove. There they were coiled up together. I experienced fear, wonder, and fascination at the same time. Since that day, many exciting changes occurred in my life.

Many people have a fear of snakes, and if you do, I suggest you release your fear so that you can move forward. Any fear is a blockage which will prevent you from moving forward. Remember, where fear resides, there's no room for love.

The snakes represent remarkable changes that are coming within you. If you are interested in the significance of animals within your life, I suggest you buy the book,
"Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. It is marvelous, and has helped me on several occasions!

He writes in great detail about all the animals and their significance in our lives. I will quote from his book regarding snakes:

The serpent or snake has long been a symbol of the sexual/creative life force within humans. The kundalini or serpent fire lies coiled at the base of the spine. This in turn activates energy centers in the body and the mind, opening new dimensions and levels of awareness, health and creativity.?

In conclusion about snakes, Andrews writes:

"Snakes are symbols of change and healing. They have speed and agility, so those who have snakes come into their life will usually find the changes and shifts occur quickly and are soon recognized and defined. When the snake comes into your life, you can look for a rebirth into powers of creativity and wisdom."

Three snakes represent the following: 1st for the male, 2nd one for the female, and the 3rd is the child which represents the birth of change? the birth represents changes in you -it is the new or re-birthing of 'you'.

Due to lack of space, I will conclude my comments in another section.

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