Separation From My Twin Flame

by Anonymous

I am too going through the same experience! I'm truly astounded by the intense feelings I'm having.

I met my twin flame 2 months ago and from the moment we first spoke I felt a connection. He is in a long term relationship and I am only recently separated. The intensity of our feelings after 2 weeks sounded ridiculous. We spent up to 7 hours on the phone and I thought about him 24/7.

We parted ways when his girlfriend found out when she got the phone bill and I felt I had just lost a part of me. I couldn't function and collapsed from sheer heartbreak of him telling me he had to cut ties.

I kept texting him in disbelief it was over. He texted me to tell me he had gone to see his doctor as he had a bit of a mental breakdown, he was advised to get a book called mindfulness which he urged me to get. I did and within a week I was feeling strength and found it very helpful when the anxiety took over, when realized I may never speak to him again.

The meditating helped with new ideas to maintain focus and within a week I was feeling like I was ready for change, I start having more confidence and became more giving and loving to people around me. I prayed and hoped everyday for him to contact me and I realized that even if i just communicated every once in a while, I'd be happy, just to have that contact...

Low and behold, he returned by text to say he needed me and even if it was just as best friends he would be happy. The passion returned instantly and it was like we never parted.

A month later, we were discussing his plans of leaving his partner, moving to another country and taking on my three children, even when he agreed with his partner he never wanted kids!!! Huge commitment!!!

We had never met and we had arranged to meet last weekend to secure the bond as we knew we could never tell anyone our plans if we never even met.
His girlfriend found out he was texting me and he agreed to leave her as it was me he wanted, and then in a complete turnaround told me he hadn't the strength to cause her pain and live alone waiting for me to move out of the house I share with my husband. Again, told me it was over and was giving his relationship another go.

I was devastated yet again. The feeling of him dying and never seeing him again. He hasn't texted me and I'm holding out on him living up to the fact he said he loves me like no other, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, that I'm everything he has ever dreamed of and in fact his relationship is doomed with his partner because of the intense passion he has for me.

I have found solace in tarot readings and spiritual healing. I know we separated as part of a divine practice and I want to do my part of cleansing and healing in order to re-unite with him again which is all about forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love and trust.

I do believe we will unite again soon and through meditating, hope and faith I will seek this.

I understand the pain of others who are separated and believe that you need to fix yourself first in order for you to re- unite.

I hope this helps others. I have never done anything like this before, but felt compelled to share me experience and to try and help.

I really hope it works out for everyone!
All the best xxx

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Oct 06, 2016
Twin Flame Love
by: Anonymous

I can truly understand, I met my twin flame when I was 14 but didn't know it. He left me when I was 17.

I moved away and 4 or 5 years. Later we were talking again, we were still young, so we were not committed, but one night he told me he had sex a week ago and I knew it wasn't with me so I just moved on and we separated.

Then 3 or 4 years later we started talking again and he had 1 child at the time, but I was in a relationship with a good man. We saw each other a few times and I had my guard up. So when he was told me he wanted to be together, I heard him and I wanted it too, but never responded. Next we separated again.

Now a year ago I'm married and he has two kids and we started talking. This time it went further, and it was magical. The energy when we look into each other eyes it's like nothing else exists, it felt like coming home and he told me that. I feel safe with him and we are so comfortable together so at that time, we were planning to be together, move together then all of a sudden he start saying he's not in a relationship, that he's busy and he doesn't have time to lay around.

The calls started getting shorter, sometimes he talks like he wants to be together, that he likes f--- love and women are conveying and started bringing up our past and my past of things I done. I didn't know what was going on because when we were together we had fun, we laughed, there was such intense energy I can't even describe. I knew he was my soulmate cause I have always loved him.

My feelings never left and he told me the same thing in the beginning. Then I look on the internet because I started feeling crazy and I found out about twin flames. I try talking to my friends and they say he's not the one, you should leave him alone, but it's hard when this person knows you, and you know they love you too. I'm trying to better myself and give him space.

All the years I thought it was me running because I was in a relationship and he always said you always chose him, but now I really know it was him running before we could ever commit... He has trust issues and there's nothing I can do to prove to him anymore that I don't want to hurt him.

So this twin flame is real and by the way we are alike a lot, but have different personalities. We both are opinionated, like to be in control or in charge and think we are right so at times, we butt heads.

He thinks I'm aggressive and I think he wants everything his way. I never knew what this special bond was until now, and I feel more spirtual, like its higher energy or spirits protecting me/ us. I want us to be together even though I'm hurt and don't like how he is now.

We talk once in a while now and we can talk for hours 2-2 1/2 hours, but when I'm finished talking with him I feel sad. It's like he's going on like nothing and I'm the one with all the emotions of being confused, sad, of missing him, his smile, his laugh, his voice.

At times I'm happy that at least he knows how I truly feel about him. It's like the push and pull and it's frustrating I just want God to tell me what is right.

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