Sexual Orientation and Pendulums?

I've been so confused about this lately and it's brought a lot of negativity into my home. It's been causing me to have panic attacks and cry. I do clear my mind and look deep inside myself, but I just can't find an answer.

I've asked my grandmother, who is spiritual and quite skilled with a pendulum about this, and it said I was straight. I felt better, but now I just feel worse because I'm still so confused. I feel like its wrong and I don't want to be lead down the wrong path.

I do believe in pendulums, my grandmother determined when my aunt and I would sell our houses. I just feel like its wrong.

Can pendulums answer this kind of question?


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Aug 31, 2014
Be Youself Regarding Sexual Oriientation and Pendulums
by: Texas

Dear Confused Person,

Tanya's feedback is blessed.

I think you need to stop looking for answers from others and be who you are. I have always thought that God does not make mistakes. There is nothing wrong being who you are, whether sexually or in any other way. Of course, as long as you act with peace.

In my heart I don't feel you are confused as you think. But, you are insecure to make your own decisions, trying to please others. Just be you. Be proud of yourself, for you have been given a wonderful mind to make right decisions for your own self. Other people will accept you as who you are also, if not now, later.

If you cannot accept yourself, how can others. So, you will be putting yourself in the expectations of what others want you to be.

Have sweet prayers/conversations with God, and don't forget that god loves you for you, and finds you perfect in every way. Stop telling yourself, "I am confused." You think this way and you will be confused.

I am not sure how old you are, but I assume, time is your friend and you will be fine. Learn to love yourself for the way you are. Sending gentle wishes ans best to you,

From Texas

Aug 30, 2014
Sexual Orientation and Pendulums?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


If you are confused about your sexuality, you will not get a straight answer from the pendulum.

From my experience about pendulums, you cannot ask someone else to use their pendulum for answers that pertain to yourself. You have to use your own pendulum for answers. Remember that the pendulum is a spiritual tool for asking questions concerning self.

Since you asked your grandmother to use her pendulum, I'm presuming that you are not very experienced with using a pendulum. In that case, you will have to meditate and go within to find your answer. You can ask for a sign to help you find the answer, and also ask the question from God before meditating or going to sleep. You may have your answer in the morning or in your dreams.

Sending healing vibrations,

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