Should I End a Relationship With a Particular Man?

by Nicole
(Woodbury, CT)


I recently started expressing interest in pendulum readings and am curious to have something that has been bothering me for the past year resolved.

My relationship with my ex boyfriend has been on and off. There have been times when we've been dating, times when we've just been friends, and times when we haven't been involved or talking to each other at all.

We recently broke up for the second time, and I have two questions where the resolutions will help me to heal and carry on with my life appropriately. Please feel free to rephrase my questions in any way to make them more appropriate for a pendulum reading.

Essentially, my first question is if we should ever date again? If ever is not possible to answer, then you can replace it with the near future or over the next 3 years.

If my first question ends up being no, I'm wondering if we should be friends and not romantically involved in the near future?

If both questions are no then I'll know to cease communication with him. But if my first question is yes then I will determine the appropriate way to proceed from there.

If you could please help me, I would really appreciate it as this uncertainty of my required action has been causing me a lot of distress.



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Jul 09, 2014
Get To Know Yourself
by: Anonymous

when a relationship starts and ends, there are reasons for them. However, in order for any relationship to be solid, both individuals need to be aware of their own selves and without this it will be like walking in dark. When you find the right person you will know in your heart.

So, I say .. reflect on your own self, examine what you found attractive in that person, and what the issues were and why? if you need to develop yourself do that. Because, we usually attract people with our own level of vibration, and if your vibration is sound, healthy and balanced you will most likely meet someone who can accommodate and compliment that. However, if you have issues that is contributing to you being insecure, than watch out...because you are capable of meeting another who can feed on that level of energy,( how people become a victim) or someone who is on that same level ( 2 people feeding on their own level of energies, so there is no opportunity for growth. Possible future problems).

If you are asking someone if you should break up a relationship, that means you don't trust your own wisdom. Why not? Work on Trusting yourself, If you don't know your own self, how can anyone else know you, or your partner.

Blessings to you Dear.

Jul 09, 2014
Should I End a Relationship With a Particular Man?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Nicole,

I do not answer questions of a personal nature. This forum is to help others with the practice of dowsing.

You need to trust yourself and your intuition and ask those questions with your pendulum.

Read all the information on using a pendulum on this website and be clear and cleansed with no thoughts in your mind of the outcome.


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