Sleeping Has Become Almost Impossible

by Meghan
(St. Catharines )

It all started almost a year ago now while I was getting off of a midnight shift, I heard whispering and got very scared. It was someone whispering the name 'Eva' (this isn't my name or anyone I know) it followed me everywhere for a week straight then it stopped. I was relieved.

To my dismay though it started back up, but did not follow me, only came up when I tried to sleep.

The 'weaker' I got the worse it got. I started to meditate, do yoga and spiritually protect myself. This helped to the point of it almost being gone, but still reappearing on occasion.

I started to think it was mental illness after a while but it just doesn't fit in any of those categories and I have no history of mental illness.

It was only at my mom's house for a while, but now also at my boyfriend's. I'm constantly getting the feeling of someone coming in the room, hearing whispers and having out of body experiences every time I try to sleep.

It seems as if it is getting stronger as it says my name now and a few other things. Also if I have electricity on it is stronger. I'm not sure what to do at this point and just want to turn it off.

I have a feeling it's not a 'good' spirit, not evil though but definitely mischievous and does not like me to sleep.

This is hard as I have a very demanding professional life. I'm only 21 and I don't want this to be my reality for the rest of my life.

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Oct 25, 2015
Sleeping Has Become Almost Impossible
by: Meghan

Thank you both so much. I will implement these practices next time the issue arises.

Light and love to both of you.

Oct 23, 2015
It’s Happening To Me as We Speak.
by: Lymie

Hi Megan,

I know exactly what you talking about, it’s happening to me as we speak.

I've learned how to defend myself and you
will never believe how simple it is.

But there is a simple test I want you to do first, a smelling test.
Take spices/ pepper and smell it, then listen what happens to the voices in your head.

"God bless and be safe out there."

Oct 19, 2015
Sleeping Has Become Almost Impossible
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Meghan,

What you're hearing is the voice of a lost spirit. there are more and more spirits (souls) who have lost their way home.

There are spirit tracks for them to follow but they are getting disrupted by catastrophes happening on earth like hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes and so on.

There are some advanced techniques for helping these spirits go home which I may do a seminar on, but for now I'll tell you the simplest technique. Just call on Archangel Michael, and ask him to take the spirit, each time you hear it, home. You can bless it too if you wish.

Then ask Michael to cleanse your environment from toxic and negative vibrations belonging to the spirit and to cleanse yourself too.

It is very important to have positive thoughts in your mind, delete all negativity for it only attracts more negative vibrations towards you.

Everyday, ask for protection to surround your physical body. You can also imagine being surrounded by Divine Light for protection.

Let me know how this goes for you.

Sending light and love,

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