So Many experiences!

by Lillian

I have heard voices ever since I was 11. Sometimes the voices are negative, most of the time they are positive.

Whenever I'm sad, a mean, tall, looking spirit may appear, but I feel no harm from her. Spirits always talk to me. I also hear nice voices while praying. Whenever my friend who is a deep sleeper came over, her, she woke up many times in the middle of the night like I do and heard voices like I do. (1938 built house)

My voices usually strike when alone, but sometimes in school. One voice even called me autistic. I also had a vision of me and my friend watching a movie, and weeks later, I realized, I was watching a movie and in the same strange pose as I was in the vision. I had one leg up on a pillow, and my hands sprawled.

My friend complained of being watched - it was a sensation. The voices are always kind. I have seen 2 orbs, one when I was sick that ran across the hall and another outside in the dark that flew up in the sky. They were bluish-white.

And once, when I was walking in the kitchen, my cats all stopped what they were doing and stared with wide eyes as I had a watched sensation!

I have had 2 deaths in my family, one on my dad's side - my grandma, and one on my mom's side - my grandpa.

Please help.

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Dec 10, 2012
Response to So Many Experiences
by: maryanne

Be humbled by your experiences. Sometimes, because our minds want to, we interpret things to what we want it to be. I encourage you to develop your spirituality, and through this you will also find more peace, and understanding. It is hard to say exactly what you are hearing.

However, during my spirit talks their wisdom to me is never negative. So, for this reason, when you say sometimes it is negative that puts a question in my mind. But, no matter what, find your inner peace. I enjoy saying prayers and talking with God, and before my prayers I always repeat, "I like to surround myself and my home with the White Light of The Holy Spirit" and I feel more protected. It just makes me feel better anyway. The negative thoughts could also be from your own mind, for this reason I say be more positive, loving, peaceful and develop your spirituality. And be careful, in America the psychiatrists love to medicate everyone the minute you say you hear or talk to spirits, for most people will not understand you.

And now, may the white light of the holy spirit surround you as the recepient of this message. Blessings, Maryann

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