Someone said "Hello"

by Monique

I am a person who has never heard voices and I do not struggle with any serious mental Illness other than being diagnosed with major depression.

I have never been hospitalized for any psychotic behavior/issue. I have always been interested in anything to do with the afterlife, but I have a major fear of seeing or speaking to someone that has passed on.

I had just woke up yesterday morning, but still laying in bed. I was fully awake, but just laying there and I clearly heard a voice that said, "Hello".

The odd thing is that I could not distinguish if the voice was male or female. I immediately got scared and said inside my head, please stop.

I want to know is that uncharacteristic of someone from the other side - attempting contact?

Thank You

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Nov 13, 2015
Children's Voices.
by: Chelsea

I often hear the voice of young children saying, "Hello."

Just the other night I heard the voice of a young boy saying, "Hello," while i was doing the dishes. It was so loud that it startled me. I eventually said, "Hi," back, but nothing else happened.

It happens when I am relaxed or just ready to fall asleep. I have heard adult voices as well bother male and female, but all the ever seem to say is, "Hi," or my name. Like they shout it to get my attention.

I hear the voice from within my own head sometimes, but most of the time it's from the outside as if the person Is on the other side of the room from me. I can't see them, but I stare in the exact spot it came from and I can feel them there.

Once a little girl called to me while I was lying on the couch, all she said was, "I'm over here," but it was enough to give me the fright of my life.

I wouldn't say I'm frightened of spirits, but I am a very jumpy person. I have a heart attack if someone walks up behind me while I'm hoovering or blow drying my hair.

My ears ring and change pitch a lot which I think might have something to do with it as it's so strange when it happens.

Maybe if I tune in more I would hear more. The truth is it scares me a little. And sometimes I think I must be going crazy?

Mar 16, 2015
Someone said "Hello"
by: Shay

Hi Monique,

Isn't it funny, how we have to justify ourselves when we hear things other people don't hear. I was like that too and sometimes I still feel I have to justify somethings in order for people to believe.

There are people who may not understand, or believe, but it is okay, and there is nothing wrong with hearing a voices, voices and conversations at times. Spirits are very gentle and if truly a loving spirit is trying to get your attention they may do things to get your attention, not to scare you, but just to gently awaken you to say, "We are here." Gentle and loving spirits will use neutral or loving words.

I remember about 19 years ago at night hearing a beautiful song being sang to me, my body felt like a brick...I could not move and the song ended beautifully with words "For you.." and than I could move. I grabbed my baby that I was sleeping with (she was congested so I was sleeping in the guest room with her) and I took her to my husband's bedroom.

I awakened him and asked, "Did you hear a song?" and he said, "What song?" He did not know what I was talking about. So I went to my younger daughter's room and slept with her, because it kinda scared me at that time. Not being able to move scared me more than anything else...but, years later looking back it was just a loving song being sang for me, and today I still remember that night and that song today.

Don't be afraid, Spirit cannot hurt or harm you, or the loved ones who have passed on who visit us. I always think, we have more reason to be afraid of the living than the dead, for they love us and want to just guide and let us know they are with us. Monique just think of it as a gesture of love.

Who is the first person that comes to your mind that would want to reach out to you? Anyone special that you lost?

Or it could be a spirit guide, or another loving spirit. About 8 years ago the first spirit whom I spoke with was just a spirit who loved me very much. His name was "Augustus", and he wanted to be the first spirit whom I met because of his great love for me...

Later, 4 months, on I met a guide and looking back, I think that was Augustus singing...

So, don't have any fears, nothing can hurt or bother you. And Tanya's suggestions are lovely, follow them. I always start my prayers with,

"I like to surround myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit, Amen".. etc...

So, be well...have no fear and enjoy your awakening and remembering who you are. You are a Spirit in that body.

Love and blessings...

Mar 15, 2015
Someone said "Hello"
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Monique,

Often if someone is trying to reach you from the other side, he or she will say, "Hello", to get your attention.

I don't know if this is your spiritual guide or someone you know who has died.

Maybe, whoever it is has information for you. But, I advise you to have protection, to be grounded, and to surround yourself with Divine light. You do not want to attract negative souls and vibrations towards you.

Keep yourself clear of all negative thoughts and images and smudge your environment with sage for cleansing. Read my page at cleansing with sage.

Sending light and love,

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