Soul Connection Madness

by Michelle

Hello and Greetings to you,

I am experiencing something that at first was endearing, now I am completely blown. Twenty-four years ago, I met someone through a mutual friends introduction and the individual and I had a very brief friendship.

It was obvious from the word go that it was a very intense attraction, time stopped when we first laid eyes on each other. My heart was racing fiercely down the pike the whole nine yards, and he used to stare at me, as if he was trying to make sense of what he was feeling for such a short time. Well, the intensity of it all scared both of us, then our egos got involved, and we started doing petty things to each other that two adults in their twenties shouldn't be doing, but nevertheless we did them anyway full speed ahead.

We pulled out the kitchen sink trying to make the other jealous to see if the other cared instead of just placing our hearts on the table and saying hey we know this is something special lets see what it is and where it goes. We didn't do that. So we parted angrily, and didn't speak for years. Again that was 24 years ago, so lets fast forward.

I am currently married with children, so is he, we both were married to our spouses in 2003. In 2008, something started happening to me, thoughts of HIM were coming at me constantly out of nowhere and they were very intense and extremely sexual where I would have an actual Kundalini experience the whole nine. At first, I thought this must be an indication that I was too comfortable in my marriage, so maybe I was craving some excitement and adventure or whatever. So I dismissed the whole thing as being just nonsense.

Well, it wouldn't stop, it continued on everyday. I would try and block it and it still continued, actually the more I tried to block the energy, the more intense it became.

Finally in 2010, I had enough and had to get in touch with him out of curiosity, and to make sure I wasn't going crazy and losing my mind and still had my sanity, because at that point I thought I had completely gone over the edge. When he answered the phone he didn't seem at all surprised to hear from me it was as if he expected the call. Ok, this is where it gets interesting. I got up the nerve to ask him if he had been thinking about me, and at first he said no. About 2 minutes went by and I flat out told him that he was lying. Now what happened next completely shocked me. He said sort of under his breath, "You can FEEL that?"

Now that was confirmation that I wasn't going crazy and no I didn't make this all up. Now at this point, we haven't seen each other, we have only spoken twice. He clearly knows there is a connection he acknowledges that, but he flat out refuses to deal with it. I, just like him acknowledge that there is definately a soul connection phenomena going on between us.

I am trying to figure out who is he to me, my primary soul mate, or my actual twin flame?


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Aug 07, 2011
by: Michelle

Thanks a million!

I had a stronge feeling that he was my twin flame, but due to our circumstances, I wasn't quite sure. This explains a lot for me now.

One of the things this connection has done for me, it opened my heart chakra completely. I cry about everything. I've tried so hard for the past 3 years to just get my life back, because this connection has changed so much for me. Well, life as I knew it is gone, there is no turning back now, I feel that isn't even an option anymore.

Now, I feel relieved that it's a twin flame connection. The only problem I'm having now is overwhelming sadness. I made contact twice, he on the other hand has done nothing to move this forward. So at the point, my hands are tied behind my back.

One thing I have learned through many heartbreaking soulmate connections is this one thing, you can lead a horse to water, but you CANNOT make him drink. I don't know what the future holds for the two of us, but I am at this point willing no matter how painful to just leave well enough alone if that makes him comfortable.

I love him enough to let him go and I'll walk away. I felt a pain in my heart just saying that, but that is truly how I feel right now.

Please pray for me!

Aug 07, 2011
Soul connection Madness
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Michelle,

The feelings that you are having and the connection with the man in question is definitely a twin flame experience.

You cannot control your emotions and feelings towards this man, he is like your twin. You have known him for a very long time and will continue to know him forever. That is twin flame connection.

Twin flames are coming together at this time, it is to help one another and humanity.

Just go with the flow and learn about yourself through this connection.

You can read more about twin flames in spiritual chat.

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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