My Journey Of Spiritual
And Personal Growth

spiritual-and-personal-growthSpiritual Awakening

My spiritual and personal growth developed through my ability of hearing voices.

A personal crises of losing my loved ones (mother, sister and partner) awakened me to the fact that there is more to life than attaining success in the physical world.

Losing my mother, sister and partner threw me into a dark pit of despair, what one may call the dark night of the soul.

At the time, I wasn't too sure that life after death existed. Believe me, I had learned otherwise when they all began speaking to me from the other side.

I heard voices as a child, and even though my mother discouraged it, she was the first one to contact me after her death.

I was surprised when it happened, actually, let me back track here a bit.

On occasion, when I was going through particularly rough times, I would hear these voices. But, do you think I was listening to them? No! My mother frightened the crap out of me as a child if I did.

Mother Contacting Me From
The Spiritual Realm

Anyhow, she contacted me one night while I was preparing a meatloaf for my partner, Wally, and I, shortly after her death. At that time, I had lost my spiritual connection. I drank too much scotch to soften my despair. She said very forcefully,

"That's not going to help you."

Oh boy! The voice sounded as if it were behind me. Wally, was fast asleep on the couch, something he frequently did as he was recently recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. To say the least, it was a bit scary.

I write about incidences and conversations with my mother, sister and partner in my book "That Damn Voice Again, Communication from Beyond".

When you hear voices, spiritual consciousness is not exactly on your mind. The first thing after you get over the fear, you imagine that they can see everything that you do. Privacy is out the window forever!

Within three months, I lost my sister then Wally. I had to wake up quickly and take care of business.

My spiritual and personal growth was definitely inspired when my spiritual guides started speaking to me. It was like spiritual therapy. This was the beginning of my healing and personal growth.

They let me know why I was here and what I had to do. The first guide I heard from was Ihona, then, he introduced me to Matoowah who slowly became my friend and writing guide.

She was the one who who made me aware of my life’s purpose, and guided me along my spiritual path. It was through her, that I realized I was going to write a book and to use my gift to help others.

And coach me she did, right through my first book. Matoowah was my spiritual life coach and mentor throughout my spiritual and personal growth.

Reading Doreen Virtue's books about 'angels' was also a spiritual therapy as they also helped me during my spiritual healing.

If you would like to read more about the deaths of my loved ones, read recent deaths, link available in the 3rd column       

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