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I learned about spiritual beings during one of the many discussions with my deceased sister, Sunni who was spiritual in her own way. Here is a copy of one of our conversations regarding  spirituality.

We are all spiritual beings as you probably already know by now.

It is important for each person to become aware of his/her own body, not just in the fashion sense as everyone is doing or by losing weight - that is the superficial sense of being aware of the body.

(While I was speaking to my sister, I felt such a rush of spiritual healing energy from her. It was calming to my very soul.)

All Experiences Stored in Everyone's Cellular
Memory becomes Part of Spiritual Beings

The body holds all of it’s experiences over many life times in it’s cellular memory, and once a person links into the cellular memory of the body, he or she has access to all of the body’s experiences.

The fact that our bodies are spiritual beings is amazing. Our bodies have the power to heal themselves and they can take a lot of abuse. It’s amazing how much toxicity our body can withstand.

Now, some people have a stronger body than others, it depends on their DNA and what has been passed down through the generations. There are certain diseases that are linked to the genetic make up or DNA of a person, but that can also be overcome through awareness.

One has the power to change their DNA, but that is only for those who are very spiritually aware and are working in the spiritual realm such as yourself.

Wait a minute Sunni, are you telling me that I have the power of changing my DNA?

Yes, you have Tanya, and actually everyone’s DNA is now changing as the atmosphere is changing.

All Thoughts, Emotions and Actions
Are Registered in the Body

Many people are becoming very ill because they have difficulties in letting go of their old habits and patterns, and since they are hanging onto those patterns and habits, it is affecting their bodies. People are causing their illnesses, not their bodies. As you know, every emotion, thought and action is registered in the body.

Yes, I have become aware of that. Many people are changing their food habits, but the problem is that they are not changing their thought patterns. That's the crux of their issues don't you think?

That’s right sister. Now, I know you are aware of meditation and how it helps people to open their minds to this realm, and also to self-discovery. I think the reason that meditation has not really caught on yet is because people are running from themselves, they don’t want to or are afraid of facing themselves.

Why do you think that is Sunni?

I know why you are asking me, because I was running from myself my whole life, except near the latter years of my life. I guess it has to do with how one was treated as a child. If you grow up hearing that you are bad, or are constantly blamed for situations, as mother blamed me, your self confidence erodes, and you begin to believe that you are a bad person.

I think children also pick up the negative belief patterns from their parents. For example, if a woman believes that she is not worthy of certain things in life, she will pass that onto her children.

So it’s not just what children hear, they also pick up physical cues, and patterns and behaviors from the parents that may be very negative or destructive. What happened in your case with mother?

I was raised with the belief that it was my fault that mother had to get married, and she made me feel guilty my whole life. As a result she was very hard on me, and was very demanding.

In what way?

In her eyes I had to be perfect. There were many things she would not allow me to do, for instance, go out with boys or to parties. I had to dress, talk and walk a certain way. She was very strict. She expected me to set an example, but she made me feel that I was not good enough, that I was unlovable. That is why I was always searching for love and acceptance from everyone, and why I tried so hard to please everyone.

Ohhhh, that’s hard work.To hear you say these things Sunni has given me a better understanding of your behavior after you left home, or was thrown out of the house, I don't know which was the case. Did mother throw you out after that huge fight you had?


Okay, getting back to what I was saying concerning our bodies as spiritual beings, the sooner everyone starts practicing meditation or yoga or reiki and things like that, the sooner everyone has access their inner selves. It is important to put an active mind to rest so that one can concentrate and listen to his/her inner body.

So whatever a person is going through mentally, psychologically, spiritually affects their body, and all other levels of their being. When you think about it in this way, our bodies really are spiritual beings.

Sunni that was brilliant, thank you.

Our conversation brought tears to my eyes. I was so amazed at the things my sister had told me. I never really thought that she was that aware and conscious of spirituality as she now is.

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