God's Definition Of Spiritual Consciousness

spiritual-consciousnessSpiritual Consciousness

Father God, could we talk about spiritual consciousness?

God's Reply:

Yes, why not. It is only developed when man is in touch with his spirituality.

When he is connecting to his higher self and his spiritual guides, only then will he learn many answers especially concerning his reason for existence on earth at this time.

He will also get in touch with his spiritual ability or gifts as you also refer to, and it is only through his spiritual abilities that man gives back to humanity - through discovering why he is here.

Through Spiritual Consciousness
Man Helps Others

Besides learning ones’ lessons, man is also on earth to help his fellow man, and Mother earth who has been raped, and pillaged over the centuries.

When everyone on earth is finally in touch with their own spirituality, it will be heaven on earth and that is what is happening on earth right now.

Are you meaning ascension Father, and all the changes in the atmosphere right now that everyone is referring to as ‘global warming’ which is causing spiritual awakening symptoms in man?

God's Reply:

Yes, that is a term that man uses to understand what is happening on earth, but those who are in touch with their spirituality know what is going on.

I suppose you could also say that when everyone abides by the ten commandments is in touch with their spirituality?

God's Reply:

It is more than just abiding by the ten commandments, man needs to connect through his heart and his soul. It is not about connecting with his intelligence or his rational.

Spirituality is only possible when everyone connects on the soul level of being, do you understand my child?

Yes Father, and thank you.

After this conversation with Father God, everything started making more sense to me. I understood the meaning of hearing voices and why I had this ability and how I was going to use it.

Up until now, I almost felt as if it were a burden, because I didn't quite understand the meaning...it almost felt as if I were being punished. But now, everything changed for me...I could finally realize the wondrous ability I had and how I would use it to help others!

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