Why I Do Spiritual Daily Cleansing

Spiritual DailyDaily Cleansing

Spiritual daily cleansing is an important aspect of the spiritual healing process.

It is daily work where you release negative emotions, patterns of behaviors and beliefs caused by  triggers from situations and persons.

You can also release vibrations from the collective consciousness and release negative vibrations you may have picked up from places such as the bank, food stores, pharmacy, public meetings.

I do this work continually to heal myself and before I work with clients.

As an intuitive, I can pick up a client's vibrations and feel what is going on within. If there is pain in their stomach, chest area or elsewhere in their body, I can feel it in the same area of my body.

The pain signifies where the client is holding negative emotions. Often times, the client isn't even aware of the pain in their body.

In this way I know where the blockages are in the client's body.

It is the same process in distant Reiki healing, by feeling the client's vibrations and seeing the blockages in specific areas of the body I am able to work on those specific areas just as I do in my own body.

During the counseling session, I explain where and what the pain is, that needs to be released.

Once the client becomes aware of the pain and the root cause of it, which I explain through my intuition and psychic ability, he/she can release the negative emotions that are blocked.

Once the emotions are released, the pain stops miraculously within seconds.

Sometimes one of the client's family members, who has died, visits during the session to give a message or to help in the healing.

In this process, my spiritual gift of hearing voices enables me to receive the message.

Spiritual Healing Technique

This is one of the spirit healing techniques that is part of spiritual cleansing.

Once the client releases the negative emotions causing pain spiritual cleansing happens. I am always amazed how quickly healing happens. Each session is unique and is a learning session for me as well as healing for the client.

Also, during the session, I always make sure that the client understands that he or she can call on the help of the arch angels especially Michael for protection and cleansing, Raphael for healing and Gabriel for communication. It is always important to remember to thank them for their assistance.

Once the client understand the process, I can continue with spiritual healing techniques either through e-mail counseling or telephone counseling.

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