How To Begin Your Spiritual Development!

To begin spiritual development, it is very important to practice meditation a few minutes each day.

Only through a quiet mind will you receive information that you need to know.

Meditate Daily

I have written a few pages on meditation and you can start reading spiritual meditation first which is an important step in developing your spiritual self.

Meditation allows you the time and space to release all extraneous thoughts and to quiet the mind.

It is only through meditation that I was able to attain the peace that I needed in hearing voices and to speak with my deceased loved ones and other spirits.

Also, I started listening to my intuition (6th sense) which is an inner knowing. You can read more about your 6th sense which is the same as spiritual intelligence.

But before you begin meditating, it is necessary to ask Arch Angel Michael for spiritual protection.

Once you begin meditating, and start asking questions to your guide or Higher Power, you could be approached at various times of the day since linear time does not exist in the spiritual realm as it does here on earth. (Our linear time is presenting changing as we evolve into the higher dimensions.)

At first I thought that since I work in the spiritual realm by communicating with God, my spiritual guides and other spirits, spiritual development meant having relationships with others here on earth.

Spiritual development also means  having responsibility and taking charge of your own's not about blaming others for what happened to you. It's about owning the darkness in your life and transforming it - it's about letting go of the negative behaviours that no longer serve you and forgiving everyone who has wronged you

When I approached my spiritual guide Matoowah she gave me her opinion during the following discussion.

Discussion With My Spiritual Guide

I would like you to go back to the time you were living in Massachusetts when Ihona kept talking to you very loudly, remember?

Yes, but not everyone can hear voices.

That is true. But most people can sense the presence of a spirit from this realm through another sense. Especially those who are more aware, and who are searching for answers to their existence.

Okay besides talking to me, how do you make contact with someone else here on earth?

I appear in their dreams, I talk to them, touch them, do things that will attract their attention like blowing on them.

And when you get their attention then what do you do?

I speak to them until they understand that I am here for them.

Matoowah, many people are dense; I don’t know how you can reach someone who does not want to be reached.

Well, I only work with those who are searching for answers such as yourself. And it is important that we keep in touch on a daily level so that one gets used to my presence in their life. I am here to help you to understand why you are here this time, and your purpose on earth.

I understand, so is that the purpose of each guide?

In a sense, yes. But, we are also here to help those on earth connect with their inner selves - their souls - which is a very important part of each person's life. As you know there is more to life, than the material world. Your soul is your connection to the Higher Power, God, Buddha whatever term you feel comfortable with and through this connection, each person can discover the answers to their questions.

Yes, I understand Matoowah, thank you for explaining how each one of us can connect to our spiritual guides and why spiritual development is so important for everyone.

God's Words Concerning Spiritual Development

Read His words of spiritual encouragement and His definition of spiritual consciousness which I received during one of our many conversations.

Here are more discussions I had with God regarding our spirituality.

  • we can only attain spiritual health by becoming more aware of everything surrounding us. And the best way to attain awareness is through meditation.
  • according to God, it is only through giving back to humanity and the planet that we will gain spiritual wellness

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