Do You Know Your Spiritual Gifts Personality Traits ?

Everyone has spiritual gifts personality traits. In other words our God-given spiritual gift is based on one of our personality traits.

Spiritual Gifts Personality TraitsHearing voices

My spiritual gift  is the ability of hearing spirit voices which I learned from many lifetime experiences. But first, I had to learn how to release  a negative pattern of behavior that I carried for many life times - I was head strong and did not listen to others.

We learn our lessons based on negative pattern of behavior, beliefs and negative personality traits, which after several life times of lessons, produces the opposite of our negative trait.

I had many negative traits that I have learned through discovery my past lives and then releasing negative emotions that I carried since then in my cellular memory.

My negative habit of not listening to others' which led to my death and other dire consequences in past lives and also this one (as a child, told by my mother), eventually led to positive behavior of listening to others.

This finally occurred after years of suffering the outcome of not listening to my parents, relatives and friends. I subsequently suffered abuse, punishment, tortures and death. Finally, I received the ultimate spiritual gift of hearing voices (clairaudience).

I have a good friend who has an amazing gift of helping others release pain through the energy field. But for the life of her, she cannot hear voices which she wishes she could. Actually, she often doesn't hear when someone says something to her that she doesn't want to hear. I've told her about this issue, and I guess she will deal with it when she is ready.

When she is ready, I know for certain that she will be able to hear the voices of those who want to contact her.

Spiritual gifts of personality traits are the results of specific personality traits that are the opposite of negative traits. Another example could involve someone who does not see what is happening in his or her life. This could eventually lead to losing one's physical sight from an accident or a threatening eye disease.

It could take many life times before the person who does not see, what is happening in their life, learns to see what is really going on in their environment. Once the person learns and overcomes this negative personality trait, it could lead to a spiritual gift (God-given) of seeing things in the spiritual world through their third eye chakra.

If you are interested in knowing and developing your spiritual gift, I can can help you as your spiritual life coach. Just contact me.

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