Spiritual Health According To God

spiritual-healthCommunication with God

Since I have been communicating with God, spiritual health was one of the topics of conversations.

This is what He said.

Sickness is at an all time high on earth on all levels, it is in the governments.

First of all Lord, is it important to write on this topic?

God's Response:

Yes, and I am going to tell you what to write. As I was saying, there is sickness on all levels of mankind on earth at this time. It is affecting the environment, the economy, the governments and the health of mankind including the animals.

Spiritual Health Has Declined

This sickness has been caused by man contrary to popular belief. Man in his greed, has raped all the resources that are available freely on earth, he has taken what is available for everyone and put a label on it - ownership of what is not rightly his. As a result, you have wars concerning ownership of land and resources.

This is not what living on earth is about – it is not about possession and greed. It is not about one person or body of people owning what belongs to everyone. This greed has resulted in all the chaos and affliction that is now happening on earth. Because of man’s greed, resources are being dwindled, the animal and fish populations are slowly being destroyed.

There was a natural order to life, and man has interfered with this process and because of that interference, you are experiencing what is now happening on earth.

These are the facts, and it not only affects man’s physical health, but also his spirituality. Everything on earth is being infected by man's own greed.

But what about those of us who do care, and are trying to do what is right; those of us who are concerned about the natural resources and the animals? What more can we do other than what we are doing?

God's Response:

Continue doing your own spiritual work and helping others to become more aware. Those who more conscious are doing what they can, and remember everything is as it should be. You reap what you sew. Those who are trying to destroy everything shall meet their demise when the time comes.

Your writing will help those who are searching for answers, and this is how you are helping others. That is your gift and your contribution, and do not try to pressure yourself to do more. You are doing what you can as are others who can, my child.

Thank you Father, do you want me to post this on my website?

God's Response:

Yes I do my child, this is important for others to know.

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