We All Have Spiritual Intelligence

spiritual-intelligenceSpiritual Intelligence

Our spiritual intelligence is the result of many life times of hard  lessons which will lead us towards spiritual well-being.

Read life's lessons in order to understand why you are here and what you need to do.

Many of us have experienced a sense of deja vue, (being here before) and that sense of knowing makes us realize that we have a spiritual connection.

Through my ability of hearing voices, I was able to have many great conversations with my spiritual guide Matoowah and this is what she said,

"Spiritual intelligence is continued through lifetimes of your experiences."

I suppose you could say that it is an acquired gift, but it is an accumulation of what we have learned from many lifetimes, and all our experiences are recorded within our cellular memory.

You can read find out more information about regression therapy into past lives through Dr. Weiss' experiences with his clients which he describes in his book "Mirrors of Time".

Spiritual Intelligence as Sixth Sense

Some people may refer to that intelligence as their 6th sense – a sense of knowing. Here is an example of spiritual 'knowing':

Imagine a situation where someone has built a successful business with only seven years of schooling. That person has used their intelligence, or a sense of knowing (6th sense) and followed their intuition.

In my case, I didn’t listen to my elders, so I learned the hard way through many life times of tough situations. I can remember, before making a decision, feeling the hair on my neck rising, or my stomach lurching, but I didn't pay attention and pressed on to whatever I wanted to do.

I was hard headed and didn't listen to my intuition in my youth, which was basically telling me to avoid or be careful of a particular situation.

Knowledge is also what we physically learn in this lifetime, but we have the knowledge from other life times that is locked in our cellular memories. We are here to learn specific lessons, and when we are triggered, it comes from past life experiences that help us to eliminate negative emotions.

Read anger triggers to find out how your emotions are triggered.

If one is not following their intuition, (s)he is not listening to his/her inner voice - inner intelligence. We all have intuition. One needs to become aware in order to listen to it. If your mind is always occupied, you will never know.

Start listening to your intuition, and the only way to do that is to quiet your mind which is usually preoccupied by thoughts or worries. Being preoccupied is a negative and senseless waste of time and energy, and robs you from from living in the moment.

This is all a part of becoming aware spiritually, and once you become consciously aware, you are able to overcome it. You can quiet your mind through meditation.

Read benefits of meditation.

Meditation Helps You Connect To Inner Knowing

meditation-on-the-dockMeditation on the Dock

Meditation will help you to become aware of why you are here (your purpose) at this particular time on earth, and will also help you to become aware of your spiritual intelligence - that sense of knowing - within your inner self.

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Besides meditation, prayer, yoga, tai-chi, reiki, and other therapeutic practices will also help you to gradually experience your inner sense of knowing - your spiritual intelligence or 6th sense.

You are missing so much, if you are not living in the moment. Only by being present will you feel and experience this sense of knowing.

Imagine using the wisdom from past lives, plus the knowledge from this lifetime, how much easier your life will be. When you are living in the moment, your life will flow!

Find out more information about your spiritual gifts at what are spiritual gifts.

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