Overwhelming Grief Led to
My Spiritual Journal

spiritual-journalWriting a Spiritual Journal

I started writing my spiritual journal after the deaths of my mother, sister and partner.

It was my spiritual healing process of dealing with my emotions. It kept me sane, and was a healing journey for me, I recommend it to anyone who is going through a crisis.

At the time, I wandered around my home in a trance. My partner passed three months after my sister's death, and my mother died a few years before which I had not dealt with. I can't recall the specifics of each day, except that writing in my journal was my life line.

You can find more information at recent deaths.

It  was a way of keeping track of daily spiritual experiences, my overwhelming emotions and the voices in my head. Writing also helped to keep my sanity in tact.

I recommend to everyone who is experiencing loss (of any kind) - keeping a daily journal of your thoughts, feelings and experiences can be very healing.

My Spiritual Journal Was My Life Line

Meeting A Very Special Spirit guide

During that time, my main spirit guide, Matoowah, introduced herself to me, and from then on I started channeling her words. I also kept track of my conversations with my loved ones. I needed to write...to distract me from my pain...afterwards, it gave me some satisfaction to read the words.

At first, I typed mechanically without mentally processing what I heard. After a few days, I willingly took part in our conversations and started asking many questions.

I was curious about Matoowah's life as a guide, and wanted to know how she became associated with me.

Matoowah kept reminding me that I was not alone. She told me that I had many who were concerned about me (in the spiritual realm) and who loved me. She was right, but it took time for me to grasp that concept.

 She encouraged me to keep a journal and to organize all my pages into a book that would help others with their grief.

She was my mentor throughout the whole process. It was with great reluctance that I self-published my book - for me, it was too personal.

My Spiritual Journal-Conversations with Loved Ones

My loved ones' experiences of death was also very important to me. I loved hearing their voices and their own words describing their experiences. I write about this in my book "That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond"  at great length.

My sister passed on December 23rd and then my partner on March 19th, three months later. At the time, I still had not mourned my mother's death. Read how I coped with her death in death of a parent which happened six years earlier.

It took me a very long time to face the pain and suffering of the loss of my mother. I was not aware that I was carrying the pain within me all that time.

Throughout all of this, I lost my beloved pet Baggins. You can read how I coped with losing her at pet death.

There was so much loss to deal with all at once...it was agonizing...my spiritual journal helped to keep my depression at bay, it also soothed my sense of loneliness.

Even though I could hear their voices, I missed my mother, sister and partner tremendously. Being able to hear their voices was a soothing balm for my soul...we had soul communication which led to my continuing spiritual growth.

You have heard that in the face of adversity, something wonderful happens...it happened to me. My morning diary journal led to my spiritual and personal growth, meeting my other guides, and eventually to my first book.

Besides writing in my journal, I seriously started to  meditate daily which helped my spiritual healing process.

I have written a few pages on Meditation, you can start with meditations for beginners.

Journal writing is about releasing your emotions on paper, and that is important. It helped me to deal with my emotions at overcoming profound grief.

Links on death available in the 3rd column at right.

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