My Abilities as a Spiritual Medium

My spiritual daily healing has made me aware of my abilities as a spiritual medium.

According to Wikipedia, a medium is a person who serves as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual worlds. Many friends told me I was psychic.

But, I regard myself as one of many spiritual energy workers who has learned how to use God's spiritual healing power to help others. Each person has the ability to heal his and herself, and I help them through my intuitive abilities and channeled information

To give you an idea of my background, I have worked on and off in Mental Health for 20 years, and my academic studies are:

  • Bachelor in Psychology from University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada;
  • Masters of Science in Education at SUNY, New York;
  • post graduate studies CAGS at Cambridge College in Massachusetts,
  • Reiki  Certification and meditation courses in Massachusetts

I've had a good education from reputable institutions, but I believe my abilities today are from the Source of mankind.

 Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques

I work with all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - using my gifts of psychic abilities and spiritual senses. Since I have the ability to channel and communicate with angels, spirit guides and those who have crossed over, I am able to help each person.

I've learned to surrender to God as I work with each client, using channeled advice and guidance in assisting each one's individual healing. Through my own spiritual journey with Inner Child, Belief Code patterns and Past Life healing, I've learned various healing techniques such as Reiki, Cellular Memory Release from the teachings through Spirit. 

With the information and healing techniques that I've learned, I am able help others towards physical wellness and Ascension (soul evolution towards a higher consciousness known as Christ Consciousness).

My Spiritual Journey Towards Helping Others

Through all of my life's lessons and experiences, and the help of my guides, and God I have learned to accept my abilities as a spiritual medium. In this capacity, my spiritual gifts of hearing voices - feeling spirit healing, seeing past lives and knowing and feeling the pain in one's body as an em-path helps me to assist others in spiritual healing.

It has taken me most of my life to understand and accept my spiritual abilities to help others attain spiritual wellness. You can read more information about spiritual gifts. Now that I know the reason for my existence, I'm at peace.

(I had other plans as to what I was going to do in helping others. I have learned that it is not just about what we want to do, but what we are meant to do.)

I utilize my gifts and God's healing power to help each person connect with their inner self, thus attaining spiritual awareness. The malaise and disconnection from the Higher Source that most people are feeling today has led to many dis-eases.

Acceptance as a Spiritual Medium

After years of psychoanalysis and other types of therapy, I understand the traditional approach to mental health. But, only through listening to the messages from my spiritual guides and the Higher Power, I have learned to accept myself as a spiritual medium, and I have discovered spiritual healing techniques to help myself and others find inner contentment and peace.

I am very grateful to be able to use my special abilities in helping others, and in order to be healthy in mind and body, it is necessary for all of us to reconnect spiritually through our hearts to Source.

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