Spiritual, Soul Mate and Twin Flame Experiences

by Syafiqa

When I was 5, I had a dream where I was spiritually advanced in my first life.

Clairvoyance is my strength. In that dream, I had a great husband, K and my best friend (BFF) since childhood, although I don't have good family ties.

Then, one day I saw BFF seducing K in our own bedroom while I was away. K doesn't do anything cause he was being drugged. But, I could never forgive him as why a man can't protect himself from being seduced. He was a loyal person although we live without too much luxury. It was wrong too for not trusting my clairvoyant dreams. And, it all started from there, I became insecure and an unfaithful wife.

And from there, I 'turned back' the time and we are reborn repeatedly to solve the issues. In order not to remember them, I sacrifice my spiritual self and forget all of the memories in my past lives. However, only this time in this life, I remember a little when I was a kid.

There's also another version of dreams when I was 5 too, I had a clairvoyant dream where I will meet K in this life.

I had a clairvoyant dream and a past life at the same time. It is a nightmare and a blessing. At one point I can no longer handle it and stop it by force.

On February 2014, I met one person through the internet. It felt like I knew him. The first message from him on the first day, "Hi", can make me smile the whole day.

No mutual friend on Facebook, but how did he add me? And, I was happily gave my phone number, Skype id (although the only contact in it is my sister) and we Skype on that day too. After we chatted for a while, he called me through the phone.

Hearing his voice for the first time made my heart race so that my whole body couldn't move. He only said, "Hi", and it made me speechless. My phone dropped and that ended the call.

Then, we Skype on the same day. I saw his face and I suddenly blurted, "You look like my husband", and continued saying, "Do I know you?"

He gave weak smile and said something like, "It is sad when someone important can't remember you".

I am a quiet person, but on that first day, I Skype with him for 7 hours and I felt like I knew him all my life. He proposed that I become his girlfriend on that first day.

It took me three days to say, "Yes" because I am battling with my feelings. How did I fall in love easily when I have a cold heart?

Does online dating really exist? We never met at all in real life, etc. Since then, we never live a day without hearing each others' voice. We just CAN'T. We live 12 hours driving apart, but we can't live a day without being together.

After a while I know that he is K and K is actually alive! And, the most weird thing is that his dreams are the same as mine.

He is Gemini and I am a Sagittarius. (Astrology said it is a perfect match) Our real name has the same syllable SY___. His birthday is on the 23rd while mine is on the 24rd in different months (May-November). I am ONE year older than him. He was born on 12.32 pm while my birth time is 12.32 am. He is the 5th child in his family and I am the 5th child in my family. His face looks like his mom's and my face looks like my mom's.

When we met in May, our faces look so similar that a stranger will say that he is my twin brother instead of my boyfriend.

Our family doesn't have any blood relations. And, we both have mental telepathy and know what each other is thinking. And since I told you that I lost my spiritual self, I only sense a bit while he can sense me a lot (he knows what will happen to me, etc).

There was one time that our Skype call was at 11:11 and our phone call was 11:11.

We complement each others' qualities. He caused a scar on his right eyebrow when he was 6, and I did the same on my left eyebrow when I was 7 (since I am one year older than him, it means that it happened in the same year).

How can we both have the same incidences when we're far away? He has a mole on his right ear while I have one on my left ear. And it looks like a mirror for us.

I can count how many times I met him in real life, but, I'm longing for his soul to be with me. I will take an article from his clothes so that I can hug and smell him every time I sleep. His smell is so attractive.

We have a lot of things that happen between us. When I disobey him, something bad will happen to me, like a bad luck. It is like when you disobey your husband, you'll get something bad in return.

I have never met my BFF in this world yet, although I know she exists somewhere. She was never my best friend other than the first life. BFF has been K's wife in one of the past lives where I rejected K or we broke up cause I cheated on K for my insecurity of his disloyalty while BFF was trying to take him away.

Sometimes I get jealous cause K keeps telling about how his wife, (my BFF) was being good to him in some past life with me.

There's past life where K and BFF live happily ever after while I have one with with my abusive husband and family. I never had a good husband other than K.

K said that this world is his last life and I need to learn my lessons. I can't understand why K and BFF were reborn if they lived happily?

If they were a good husband and wife, why are they reborn in this world?

Since that past life, BFF never said sorry to me for the mistake she made. And I have never forgiven nor forgotten it.

In this life, I want to become spiritually advanced again. If K is my soul mate, does that mean he can be my twin flame too? And why does he say, this is the last world for us?

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Dec 26, 2014
Spiritual, Soul Mate and Twin Flame Experiences
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Syafiqa,

Clairvoyance is a wonderful gift, learn to use it well.

Many people return and have many lives in order to resolve issues that are part of their life lessons. Some people keep repeating the same issues over and over until they learn the lesson, release their emotions and forgive and move on.

If a man and woman had a wonderful past life together, it does not mean that they didn't have past lives where situations were negative and unresolved.

K is your twin flame and he is there to help you. Twin flames are not soul mates. Read my page describing soul mates.

You need to forgive both K for his infidelity to you and your BFF for seducing K during that past life time, also forgive yourself for carrying your anger and hurt feelings all this time. That is one of the reasons why you are here again and K is back in your life.

Also read the pages on this website regarding Twin Flames, they are like Siamese twins and will always be twin flames. You are connected spiritually whether you like it not, your souls are connected and you cannot escape from him.

If he feels that this is his last life time on earth, that is his choice. I, too, feel this is my last life time on earth, but I may change my mind.

Enjoy your time with K, and learn everything you need to know about yourself, because he is your mirror. Your time here on earth is precious, especially with your twin flame, so make the most of it.

Sending light and love,

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