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Spiritual wellness was a topic of one of my conversations with God.

God's reply:

There are many who are doing meditation and tai chi and chi gong and such forms of spiritual meditation, but there are other things that are also important.

All of these practices are important for one’s own spiritual health, and to help one access his/her inner being and soul and God within.

(One of the very important key lessons in life that is revealed in "The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude" is To Embrace Life With The Attitude Of Gratitude.) You can access this book in the Amazon scrolling widget below.

Being Thankful Is Important for Spiritual Wellness

It is important to give thanks for what one has and to forgive is also important to those who are causing harm to oneself, being thankful and forgiving is a very important part of spiritual well being.

For the rest of the population, it is important to observe the natural resources within each one’s environment and to replenish what one has taken and used.

How do we each do that Father?

Giving Back is also Important

God's answer:

In practicing spiritual wellness, it is important to give back to earth, to cleanse the oceans, to plant seeds in Mother Earth, to raise and to protect the animals which remain.

Man has to stop killing all of the animals on land and in the oceans, and also one another in the warring against different cultures and races.

It is important to protect the forests, the oceans, all animal life, the air which you breathe, and also other cultures. Right now, there is too much toxicity that is spewing into the air.

There are those who are pressuring the governments for certain legislation to protect the environment.

God's reply:

More people have to be aware of what is happening to the natural resources. Nothing should be taken for granted or wasted. Each person needs to be more aware of everything he/she does in their everyday life. This is what spiritual wellness is all about.

What about the shamanic rituals that are a part of the North American Indians and other cultures, aren’t those rites about spiritual health and wellness?

God's answer:

Yes, they are concerned with earth’s resources and more so with each individual. The shamanic practices helps man get in touch with his inner being as does meditation. It is another form, that is all.

Awareness of Daily Life

Spiritual ConsciousnessAwareness

I am talking about man becoming aware of his daily existence and the reason for his being, and what he does that affects his environment and himself.

Hm...okay. You are saying that each one of us needs to become more aware of every minute of his/her life as I have been working towards within myself for the past five years?

God's answer:

Yes, that is the only way. Each man has to become aware of his/her existence in totality on earth.

Wow, that is a lot for one person to swallow at one time God. I know because I found it tough in the beginning.

Yes, and how do you feel today because of your work?

I feel much better physically, mentally and psychologically – I just feel great compared to where I was at after my mother died.

There you are, you are the living proof of what man needs to do.

God, I there are many things that I can do better in my everyday life. I can also be more conscious of how to help nature, the oceans, the trees, the sea animals and so on…

Whoa, you are getting carried away. You can’t do everything. You are doing what you have come to earth to do. Each one has a purpose, and if each one connects to his/her purpose, life on earth will change drastically. It will become utopia.

Basically, it is about having respect for oneself and everything in one’s environment. I feel that most people do not have respect for themselves, and so don’t respect one another.

Yes you can say that.

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Books for spiritual well being and self-help with authors such as

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Enjoy reading!

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