Star Storm is A Major Phenomenon    
I Have Been Experiencing

Star StormStar Surge

The star storm, (I am not referring to the game) as in the image, is what has been happening quite frequently on earth and has affected me tremendously.

Since I have felt this phenomenon so intensely, I know others must be feeling the same thing, so  decided to write about it.

Update: In the past 30 days, from the beginning of January 2016 till the first week of February 2016, there have been 4 major star surges and about 5 zero count Star Days ( this occurs when all the stars leave Earth's galaxy). If you are star sensitive, the zero star days will affect you tremendously.

Those who are affected by the appearance and disappearance of stars which I will name star surges are star sensitives.

The stars are leaving the earth's atmosphere and returning suddenly by the millions. As they depart and re-enter into the atmosphere, I and others are affected immediately.

These star surges have affected me extremely intensely for the past few months where I felt totally depleted and could barely function. I was so disconnected during these star surges, and I couldn't understand what was happening.

I willed myself to do what was necessary each day and afterwards would lie collapsed on my bed, too exhausted to even think.

Symptoms of a Star Storm

Here are some of the symptoms you may feel when the star surge comes in, these symptoms are similar to ascension symptoms:      

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Burning eyes, tongue, 
  • Pain in the neck, and head area.
  • Breath holding (as a result of feeling the subtle energy stress)
  • Irritation, agitation, impatience.
  • Many body aches and pain
  • Headache
  • Dizzy feeling
  • Nausea
  • Digestion Problems
  • Restless Sleeping Patterns

and many more. Each one of us will have slightly different symptoms. When I was out doing my shopping, I observed that many people looked as if they were in outer space.

How I found out about a star storm aka star surge was from Michele Fitzgerald. Who is also a star sensitive.

When the stars come in, you may be triggered with Belief Codes from the star intelligence from the time period they were on earth. The stars have been supporting Planet Earth since earth's conception. If you were living at the same time period of the stars coming in, you could be affected if you are sensitive.

I have been doing a lot of Past Life work and releasing old Belief Codes on myself for some time now. During a star storm, many lost souls and ET's are also coming in and causing havoc with many people. It is important to move the lost souls and ET's back to their homes

How You Can Relieve Symptoms of Star Storms

 Here are some antidotes for the effects of a star storm:

  • drink chamomile or green tea
  • walk in nature and breathe fresh air
  • take off my shoes and walk on the floor with socks on, or if it's warm outside on earth (it's cold where I live)  this is good for grounding
  • take some quiet time and meditate, use color therapy meditation
  • shut down any electronic apparatus in the house such as radio, TV, computers, cellular phones etc.
  • use EFT (tapping) on your  head
  • alternate nostril breathing as in yoga
  • since the planet is missing yellow, wear yellow clothing, plant yellow flowers, make sure you have lots of yellow in your home
  • eye flushes (mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water)
  • vocal toning of D and F keys
  • minimize and eliminate all unsettling situations, associations, and activities  that disturb your state of inner peace
  • clear Belief Codes (to do this dowse to see if you are carrying them and what time periods in history, if not book a session with me at online counseling)

During the surge your whole body system becomes unbalanced. After a star storm, check your chakras and make sure each one is balanced.

If you need chakra balancing, contact me for and appointment. You can pay directly to PayPal now. If you have blocked emotions or a Belief Code that is affecting one of your chakras, we will eliminate that at the same time.

Interesting occurrences happened to me during these surges. I was visited by highly intelligent vibrations that I likened to another form of being. You see the stars have intelligence and vibrations as all things in the universe.

Your symptoms could be extremely intense from a particular star storm if you have a connection with one of the star beings.

In order to understand your connection, you can make and appointment for a counseling session. 

If time permits I will include balancing your chakras during the same time.

When I balanced my chakras and released other spirits that became trapped in my space, I felt much better. Here's a sample of one of the conversations I had with star intelligence.

Conversation with Intelligent Being
Outside Our Realm

Star Collapse

Why are these star surges happening so frequently now?

They have been happening for billions of years, it is not a new phenomenon, but it is  happening more frequently because of the gasses that are being emitted by earth.



What do you mean?

It is what you call the greenhouse gases, and it is affecting the galaxy of stars.

How is it affecting the stars?

The greenhouse gasses are colliding with the natural gases in each star and causing them to leave earth’s atmosphere, and then the stars return when the greenhouse gasses diminish.

Okay, so the star movement is like an up and down as in a sea-saw movement. You said that the star surges have been happening for billions of years, what caused them to happen before as opposed to now?

The stars were being affected by planets other than earth. Earth is not the center of the universe as many of you believe. There are billions of stars and millions of other planets that are yet to be discovered by your astronomers and scientists.

Okay so you’re saying that the stars are being affected by what earth is generating into outer space?

More or less

So why are some of us humans on earth like myself so affected by the stars' departure and return, they call us star sensitives?

Ahah, that is not so easy to explain.

Most of you living on earth have in your DNA cells what are also in the gases of the stars and those of you who are more aware are being affected through your DNA by the movement of the stars.

Something that I noticed when I was so affected during the star surge, was that there was a strange presence around me, another intelligence that I did not recognize. Each time I would feel a twinge or tugging in my heart. So was that a particular star being or essence?

Yes, each star has it’s own being or essence as you called it and the one reaching out to you was familiar with you and was trying to make contact with you.

When I finally complied, it took me a while to figure out what was going on, he/she said that it had known me from a different era, a time long ago and there was something I needed to know that was locked in my cellular memory.

I referred it to a belief code and it agreed and once I found out what it was, I released it, thanked him/her and the being disappeared. So in essence are these star beings, here to help us on earth?

Yes they can and there is much to learn from them as they are millions of years old.

Are these star being all good beings, I mean coming here to benefit us?

Yes, the ones that aren’t are being destroyed.

How are they being destroyed?

That is something that is happening naturally.

Hmmm, I wonder if the same thing is happening here on earth, but in a different way?

You have your own way of doing things that are not in agreement with us, but we will not interfere, it is your way. We just want to help.

By the way, how do others refer to you so that I may call on you in the future if that is possible?

Call me Mark One.

Okay, may I call on you in the future?

Yes and I will respond when I can.

Is there anything else I need to know at this time concerning the star surge, such as the frequency of these occurrences?

Yes it is happening so frequently because people on earth need our help more than ever, if they don’t change their habits, earth will be destroyed.

Okay, can you give me a time frame which I know probably doesn’t exist in your realm, will this happen in my life time as I exist in this body?

I don’t believe so, but your time is endless.

It’s a good thing that I believe in souls so I know my soul will live on, those who don’t would have a difficult time grasping this knowledge.

Thank you for talking to me. One more thing, what do I call this phenomenon that is happening with the stars?  Can I name it a star storm for people on earth?

If you like but star surge is a good name for it.

You can find out more about Michele Fitzgerald at Sedona Portal

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