How To Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You can learn how to stop anxiety and panic attacks with these simple methods that I will explain below.

Causes of Panic AttacksCauses of Panic Attacks

First of all, do you know what is a panic attack? A panic attack is a type of unprovoked anxiety that comes on suddenly without reason at any time or place. You  feel an extreme fear that you may be having a heart attack or are going to die. It is one of the most debilitating and fearful experiences of one's life and it could last minutes or several hours.

There are about 60 million American people who have had or suffer from panic attacks, so if you are one, you are not alone.

My first attack occurred during the night when I was awakened by my heart pounding furiously. I thought I was having a heart attack.

These terrifying episodes came on sporadically till I received a prescription from a psychiatrist I was seeing. I wished I had the knowledge of how to overcome panic attacks at that time other than taking prescriptions. You can become addicted to Valium.

The experience of a panic attack can be devastating because you feel an unexplainable sense of impending doom. You think that you're facing some kind of catastrophe.

Yoga guru B K S Iyengar at 96 says to The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta:
"Anxiety is now the biggest lifestyle disease of our times — not diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure because of the stress factor. There are three remedies — work, word and wisdom. ‘Work’ means to keep oneself fit, ‘word’ is to be sincere and honest in your words and ‘wisdom’ is to surrender to God."

You can read the full article here at God has assigned a job to every individual. (Yogis) jumping in to become popular and entering the political sphere… it pains me’

You may have:

  • chest pains, thinking you're having a heart attack, or
  • you may feel disoriented and
  • you think you're going crazy. I always felt the chest pains. Other symptoms may include
  • shortness of breath,
  • dizziness, heart palpitations,
  • nausea,
  • smothering sensations and
  • intense sweating.

You suddenly stop whatever you're doing. if you're in the bank, walking or in the mall, you go home never to return to avoid the repeated episodes. This experience puts so many limits on your life that you become agoraphobic - meaning that you're afraid of leaving home or going out in public. I know I wouldn't go anywhere unless I had my Valium pills

Methods of How to Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Stop Anxiety and Panic AttacksStop Anxiety

Here are some suggestions to help rid you of the symptoms.

 1) Experience the Symptoms of Panic and Anxiety

You may think that I'm joking, but I'm serious. Let the physiological symptoms flow through you. They will only last from 20 seconds to 2 minutes if you don't fight them. Trying to stop the symptoms may prolong the attack.

Say to yourself, "This feels awful, but I know it won't hurt me." If you can learn this step, the attack is likely to be milder and will go away faster.

 2) When You Learn How To Breathe Properly, You Can Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Symptoms of panic attacks are related to hyperventilation which is shallow breathing. If you are a shallow breather, when panic or anxiety strikes, you will suddenly start breathing faster.

Learn how to breathe from your diaphragm. Place your hand between your chest and your navel and imagine that there is a balloon in your stomach that you are inflating and deflating. When you take a deep breath slowly, movement should be coming from your stomach - the lower part of your hand. Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth.

Practice this breathing exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily, either in your car or a quiet place in your home until it becomes natural. With this effective breathing exercise, you will have fewer bouts of hyperventilation. And if you notice your breathing is shallow, start breathing deeply from your diaphragm.

 3) Exercise

Take a brisk walk, cycle or workout in the gym. which increases serotonin which helps you to feel better. Excessive adrenaline caused by your fight or flight response may cause the hyperventilation of  heart palpitations. Exercise will dissipate the adrenaline plus get your mind off the situation.

 4) When You Change Your Thinking, You Will Stop anxiety and Panic Attacks

In the middle of a panic attack you may be thinking that you're having a heart attack, or if you are feeling disoriented, you may think that you're going crazy. As a result, you stop going to the mall shopping or doing whatever you think is causing the attack which places limits on what you can do.

You can use cognitive therapy on yourself by asking yourself certain questions when you are calm, such as, "What catastrophe am I afraid will happen? Why has it never happened?" Also ask, "what can I do to prove to myself that the catastrophe won't happen?"

As I mentioned earlier, you can experience the symptoms in the place that gives you panic attacks and come out of the situation okay.

 5) Stop or change Vices that may Add to Hyperventilation such as coffee or alcohol

 6) Breathing into A Paper Bag will stop anxiety and panic attacks

This is short term solution that adds balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen. When you breathe rapidly and deeply, you breathe out a large quantity of carbon dioxide which causes your blood to become alkaline resulting in symptoms of a panic attack. When you breathe into a paper bag, you breathe a higher carbon dioxide content. This helps to change what's in your lungs but does not change the causes of your attack.

 7) Visualization

You can visualize a safe place that makes you feel calm and protected. Practice visualization when you are feeling calm so that when you do feel a panic attack coming on, you can visualize your calm place immediately.

 8) Use Herbal Remedies - Oils and Fragrances

Until you get a handle on your attacks, you can take an herbal combination called Universal E.R from Pure Herbs which is composed of rarified plant and wild flower essences. There are no side effects. I have used this remedy and highly recommend it. It is used for:

  • shock,
  • panic,
  • mental stress and tension,
  • desperation,
  • inattention and
  • unconsciousness; 

It contains support combination, willow, holly, crab apple and honeysuckle. When you are having the attack or feeling anxious, you can stop anxiety and panic attacks immediately (by a few seconds) by taking a specific amount of drops under your tongue. I have used this remedy often when I have done past life releasing, and it works, believe me.!

You can order Universal E.R. by contacting me.

Lastly, if you do not know what is causing your panic and anxiety, you can stop anxiety and panic attacks by booking a session with me at online counseling 

You may discover that your attacks are caused by a terrifying past life situation, and then I will help you to release it. Once you release the underlying emotions causing your attacks, the attacks and anxiety will disappear.

For more information on panic attack symptoms and treatment, read Panic Attacks

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