Talking, Singing, Yelling Voices Wake Me Up

by Michella
(Arizona United States)

I come from a very spiritually open family. We believe in ghosts, spirits who crossover, and I am somewhat psychic in that I have heard spirits, orbs and smelled things.

Often when I am alone at stores or people's houses, things will fall off shelves. I do not go around talking about it, only to my husband who is very supportive. I do read Tarot cards for friends. I practice white light, angelic protective prayers.

Lately, I am waking up to voices either singing, yelling, screaming or talking. The voices are in my dreams and are so loud they wake me, but when I awake and sit straight up, they are still clear as a bell, very loud and continue until they either suddenly stop or fade away when I get out of bed to find the source.

I do not know what to do now, what next? Can someone help me? I feel foolish because I've read ever book under the sun about these subjects.

Instead, I find I'm stumped and a bit nervous. I am not scared, well maybe a little.

Thank you.

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Jul 28, 2015
Talking, Singing, Yelling Voices Wake Me Up
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Michella,

You have a choice whether you want to engage with the spirits or not. Personally, I advise you not to. They sound troublesome.

You can call in Archangel Michael to come in ask Him to bring the spirits home where they need to go, then ask him to cleanse your home and fill it with Divine light and love. Ask Him each time they come in.

You can also smudge your home with Dragon's Blood, Frankincense or Sage. Always ask for protection, or imagine being surrounded with divine light.

It is good to be aware of your thoughts and make sure that you are always positive, negative thoughts attract negative spirits.

With things falling of shelves, I suspect there is someone from the other side who wants to contact you, perhaps a relative or loved one who has died.

If you decide to speak to whoever it is, make sure you are well-protected.

You can also contact your spiritual guide(s) and ask for his or her help, they will only come in when you ask them to.

Your guide is here to help you with all things.

If you are carrying fear or any other negative emotions, make sure you release them to divine light as negative emotions bring in negative vibrations.

Always surround yourself with positive vibrations.
If there is something on TV such as the news or a particular program that upsets you, turn it off.

Sending light and love,

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