Technology or Spirits? Negative Entity or Demon?

by Mandy
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

I started hearing a man and woman talking to each other about real time. Whatever I was doing they would comment on it at the very time I was doing it.

I was renting a garage apartment from people who lived inside the house and the voice I heard that was female was the woman's voice who lived in the house. We had connecting walls so I believed that I was just hearing her talking at first then when I realized she was saying "She's on the computer" and I was on my computer or "She's been cleaning all day" and I had been cleaning all day...I started to realize that she could see me.

I got very uncomfortable and started looking for hidden cameras. Then I heard her say..."She's looking around for cameras".

To my face, she was normal and smiling and I didn't approach her about it because I knew she wouldn't admit it.

I found a new place to live and moved within 2 months and this voice...the male voice that she was talking to...followed me to my new place. And I didn't hear her voice again.

This male voice had me believing that it was human and that it was using v2k or neurophone or sound projection that can direct sound into a person's head to make them hear voices in their head.

I was really not able to grasp that I might be talking to spirits...eventually there was other voices...females unknown to me who would talk to me too.

They told me they were spirits then they would tell me they were human again...then they would tell me they were demons then they would pretend to be human again. So I just couldn't figure out what was going on. My biggest mistake was believing that they were human using technology because I talked back to them...and this only served to make them more connected to me.

The voice that was male would overpower the other voices to get all of the attention, and he talked a lot. He wouldn't stop bothering me and he would butt in on every conversation I had. I finally just started hearing him only.

The other spirits would tell me..."I don't know how your ever going to get rid of this one...he is something else." He talks nonstop...and NOW I just realized he was pretending to be nice and caring and it was all a show...then he gradually became more and more insulting and negative, calling me stupid and ugly and making me feel sick.

Now he comes out and says he is a demon...and his voice changes constantly from a skreeching high pitched demonic voice to a low raspy deep voice to a normal man's voice and sometimes a monster voice, really like a demon!

He constantly tells me that "Penelope isn't going to make it." He was talking about my dog. He says it night and day while I am sleeping and awake and wants to make me afraid that he is slowly killing her.

I get angry and scream at him to shut up, but I don't believe that he is going to hurt her or me. Maybe he can, but I choose to believe that he can't, because my thoughts of fear will only feed him and give him more power which he doesn't have over me...I choose to laugh at him while at the same time continue to find ways to get rid of him.

He makes me feel physically ill and sick and nervous and agitated on purpose, he also heats me up to make me sweat a lot. I put on headphones and blast two YouTube videos of catholic prayer and deliverance. One is playing saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and the other plays at the same time saying hallilujah over and over.

I am not really pissed...I'm mad because he is interferning in my life so that I am too distracted and can't get anything done...sometimes I can, but I never know how stupid he is going to act when I'm in public so it keeps me from working and socializing.

I am aware that some people have good voices that are polite and know when to be quiet and don't say mean evil things...their voices are helpful and supportive and some people say they don't want their voices to leave, whereas the voice I hear is totally unreasonable. He has no possible way to rationalize, or explain logically, all he can say back is "I don't give a shit".

So the conversations are pointless. My shoe is smarter than this entity...I can't keep him around.

I need anyone's story on how they removed a demonic voice successfully...please!

Thanks AO

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Sep 06, 2016
Technology or Spirits? Negative Entity or Demon?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Mandy,

There are things you can do to get rid of lost souls and spirits in your environment.

Here are some suggestions:

1) You can use the smudging technique with sage, cloves or bay leaves. To learn how to smudge, read my article at cleansing with sage.

2) Burn white and blue candles to help spirits move on

3) Burn Dragon's Blood incense

While you are doing this, say the following:

Please bless all disembodied spirits who are trapped or lost in this space and send them to the most appropriate place at this time.

And if you are surrounded by spirits, drink an organic beer such as Trippel, not one made with chemicals. Here in quebec, it's named La Trappe, Trappist. Just take a few sips and believe me, this works.

If all of this fails, just call in Archangel Michael and ask him to remove them to the most appropriate place.

Sending light and love,

Aug 30, 2016
Technology or Spirits? Negative Entity or Demon?
by: Shay

It's hard to get an exact understanding of what you are experiencing, but I would like to know if these are hallucinations? If not, of course, at times some places on earth are occupied with spirits that are not positive and they can easily attach themselves to people who are open in some way or another. In that case, I encourage you to approach a Catholic church, as they are more profound dealing with demonic possessions, etc.. and see if they could be of any assistance to you.

But, I am glad you don't have fear as such entities can feed on people's fear. But, keep talking in loving ways with God, as all words are heard. But, most of all not ever allow it to take over your life or mind.

You may want to also contact a paranormal society in your city, see if they have a good medium who may be able to hear your story and give you a hand.

Hang in there, and many blessings.

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