The Difference Between a Seer And a Psychic

by Melanie

Article Summary: This article outlines the meaning behind the two terms and the subtle differences between the two.

Often people mistakenly confuse a seer and a psychic as meaning the same thing, or that a psychic is a modern expression for the "olde worlde traditional term of seer."

A seer is frequently mentioned in The Old Testament section of the Bible, as being described alongside prophets and soothsayers. There are definitely parallels in the mystical paranormal world between the two expressions, but they have subtle differences.

According to the Thesaurus, here are various alternative words and phrases for:

  • Seer - prophet, soothsayer and fortune-teller.

  • Psychic - spiritual, telepathic, intuitive and clairvoyant.

By definition, a seer is someone who has the ability to ‘see’ beyond the physical images viewed by the human eye. This involves the sixth sense which it is widely believed that many of us have, but most of us choose not to listen to it or to shut it out and focus on the physical world instead.

The powers associated with seers are widely believed to be limited to the vision, i.e. they ‘see’ rather than any other type of paranormal ability.

A psychic can be defined as someone who can be receptive and acutely sensitive to certain paranormal forces. Some could call it a rare and certainly uncommon ability to have access of extra sensory perceptions.

Psychics claim to have a set of paranormal powers other than the limits associated to a seer. They may be able to feel, hear or even in some cases taste a message or feeling which can be translated in a situation.

When a psychic gives a reading, they can sometimes recall somewhat odd recollections as they rely on several senses to be able to translate the message that is being communicated to them by the spirit world. A psychic may be able to mimic the sound a spirit is making to the person having the reading which is personal and specific to them.

Essentially, psychics and seers are similarly linked to their abilities, but a psychic often draws on more senses than a seer. They are both believed to have a gift, although some would call this an ability, not a gift.

Often, seers and psychics both have to develop psychic abilities throughout their psychic lives to ensure the most accurate reading and connection.

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