The Guardian Angels'
Prime Duty is Protection

I learned more about the guardian angels during a conversation with my guide Matoowah, one of my spiritual guides. Her answers are italicized.

Their duties are primarily concerning protection, that is their only function in life. They protect not only people, but also their possessions such as houses, cars, boats.

Can they protect a person’s job?

Not really, they can protect someone who has a dangerous job but not the job itself.

How do they communicate with us, or is that important for them to do so?

No, they do not necessarily communicate with people, they usually only communicate amongst themselves and other elementals.

Who is in charge of all of them?

They are under Archangel Michael’s jurisdiction, and it is He who assigns these guardians to various posts or functions.

You can view more guardian angels at angel and doves.

Are there all kinds of angels?


Do we have other angels in our lives that are with us till death?

The only one that is with you your whole life is your primary guardian angel protecting your physical body.

What do they protect us from?

Each angel that is assigned to one person protects that individual from unforeseen accidents. In other words, a guardian angel protects you from dying before your time is up.

Has one of these angels ever been incarnated into a human body before?

Usually no, but it can happen. Their composition is different from mine.

Are they on the same level as you are Matoowah?

No, they are in your realm on earth.

People refer to other people as their guardian's angel, is that correct?

You may feel as if a particular person is watching over you and refer to him or her as your guardian angel, but that is not the case. They are not incarnated into the human body and as I said they are assigned by Archangel Michael.

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