The Message Before My Mother In Law Died!

by Chae
(Virgin Islands)

My mother-in-law died yesterday; on Wednesday February 22, 2012.

We live very, very close together on family land. I was in her bedroom visiting her until about 11:00 p.m. the night before and just talking with her. Nothing that important to remember. I do remember as in the weeks following her talking about trying to live a good life and getting ready for when God calls her home.

That night she was discussing the plans she had to keep fixing her house until she got it exactly the way she wanted it - a dream she had from childhood. Somewhere in that conversation a thought entered into my head and it was NOT my thought! It was directed to her and said, "You are not going to be arounD that long!"

I tried to dismiss it but it stayed in the background. She died yesterday morning sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. Between times when family members were leaving and telling her they were leaving!

So silently - I learned later from her sister that she always wished to leave in this manner - in her own bed at home.

Her son who gets 'prophetic dreams', later said he'd had a dream that night that she had died. I so wanted to tell him that night, but decided not to for want of not upsetting him.

Now I am wondering, should I have said something?

And what if something like this happens again?

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Feb 25, 2012
Giving message
by: Ramona

Only you know how her son would have taken the message. Yes, I would have told him that she passed. It may be the confirmation that he needs.

As for your thought, it shows that you are intuitive. This is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. To further develop/enhance it, you may wish to meditate. First though, I would call in Archangel michael for protection. I would also suggest Rafeal for healing and clarity. You may also call upon God, Spirit, the Universe or whatever dieties you believe in. I have a friend that always calls upon St. Christopher because she is "travelling" psychically.

Your mother was ready to go. She spoke to you, and probably everyone else, as though she would be here for some time. She chose a time alone to pass because she did not want anyone to suffer in angst over her passing. That does not mean that she didn't want anyone to miss her. It means that she knew that if she passed with someone in the room they probably would have been plaqued with thoughts of what did I miss? How did I not notice? Why didn't I get her help. In the end, she wanted her dignity. She wanted to be whole; not forced to endure pain and trauma to her body. She went as she wished to go - peacefully. Take comfort in knowing she was blessed with an easy transition.

If you work on your intuitive nature, I am sure that after a while you will hear your mother, just as you heard the voice. Remember, though she may be gone physically, she is always as close as your heart and mind. She can still hear you. Talk to her, tell her you love her, and cherish her for the beautiful woman she was.

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