The Truth According to Tony

by Tony

I hear voices as well.

They started out last year, and I am 43. I have read some of your response to Voices Complex Dialog Communication. You do not realize that there is something satanic flowing across the earth at this time. It is not like your experience, and cannot be treated as such.

These conversations are extremely complex and very intelligent. Archangel Michael was not able to help me, but I am strong. There will be a day soon to come I think, that these voices will go away for people like myself. That doesn't mean all voices will go away, just these voices like the ones in my head.

Just let them know to be strong and hang in there, we will survive this. I have talked with others that maintain the wisdom of knowing that the more you ignore these voices, the less they will be attracted to you. They seek the person who will give them the most energy, and the more you give them the longer and more intense they will linger.

The best answer you can give to these people is the best response to these voices is no response at all. If they are evil and demonic voices they will tease and threaten you for every possible response they can get from you.

The most probable reason for their experience is that their faith to God is being tested in these days, so just tell them to be strong to God and refuse to play the mental games they demons and devils produce.

One more very important thing that you should do to help them through these very hard and misunderstood times, God Bless them.

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