The Vision of Hate and Pain from my Truth of Piracy

by Summer Sky Larson

Not Crazy Or Am  I?

Not Crazy Or Am I?

I keep getting visions and hearing conversations in my head before my death, you know my life before this one. While I'm typing this I'll try to break explain my vision.

Hate, betrayal, pain - I know these things a little to well. Abandoned by your crew abandoned by your family, left to die in nowhere with no one, only a knife to save you and free you from this world.

I didn't want to die, I never wanted to, I only wanted my crew to live. Who cares if they only marooned me on a island because I'm female. I argued this with myself for weeks on that dreadful spit of land.

I can cry, but I won't give up, dammit I was about to starve to death with no way out, no dead end. I felt pain, hatred, abandonment and all of the above. I wanted my life to end, but I also wanted my crew to live.

I had a journal with me along with a sword and cutlass. I wrote my last words, buried the journal on the island and prayed. Then plunged my cutlass into my stomach, not all the way through me just enough for me to die. But a side of me didn't want to die, a side of me wanted to live.

I wanted to carry on life, love, and have a family, learn to love myself, have more adventures, have more fights, carry my sword in my hand and live life - the life I never had and be free.

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Apr 10, 2014
The Vision of Hate and Pain from my Truth of Piracy
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Summer,

No, you are not crazy.

Your vision is very intense. Our past lives can be intense. I've had many where I cried all day long.

This vision is telling you things that you need to understand and release. Each time we return to earth, we carry that which we have not resolved, and we keep repeating situations with the same emotions until we get it and then release and let go.

You are carrying all of those heavy emotions of hate, betrayal, pain and so on in this life time. You have most probably experienced these emotions in your youth. These emotions are deep within you in layers and in your cellular memory because we carry all the emotions and situations from all life times within our cellular memory.

It's time for you to release them once and for all. You can do this with my releasing technique, read it at releasing negative emotions.

Keep doing this exercise until you have released all of those pent up, toxic emotions. And release them to Divine light, you don't want them here in our environment.

There are enough toxic emotions here on earth emitting from those who are unaware of their thoughts and feelings.

If you keep having these visions, it's about your past lives and it's time to cleanse them from your vibrations.

Sending you light, love and healing vibrations,

Apr 09, 2014
Be Still and Calm
by: Anonymous

Wow, reading your writing I also feel exhausted.

No matter where the origin of these thoughts are you need to calm yourself down, listen to your own breath and be still. When you are calm and still then you will know where your thoughts are coming from.

In the meantime, you have to take care best care of you. It sounds like you have a lot of stress and worry on you, where are they coming from, and how is it effecting your life and self?

Find ways to love yourself, and with that love you will feel calm. Blessings.

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