The Voices I hear and Illusions I See Are They Real or a Dream?

by Roy Perry iii
(E-town Ky )

God of nothing, God of something, and God of everything first,

The voices I hear and illusion I see are they real or a dream?

I wrote that the voices I hear are sounds from the phone and the wires above me, and when there is no wire above me, I wrote them off as from my own mind. But, some could be the sounds of those who passed.

The sound that travels through time and space, the sound in our own DNA where God is in the spiritual spark of life itself. The soul that lives has the man in the image of God the less than truth and more than truth itself, the image that lives in me.

With my eyes closed I still see the visions of the spark of life - the white light, purple light, green light eating all light even the black lights because the color of darkness is not black. It takes light to see the black planes with mountains of light being ate by the greater light.

The dogs of light barking, the end is near I see myself risen above own self, I've done so many time before in my body or out of my body, I do not know.

I believe that are many returns of Christ, and my personal return into a new life kind will not happen until 2027 AD so all of you do not worry yet because I am not leaving yet.

The word “born again” could better be translated "conceive from within" the spark of God is in the DNA of each of us, and outside the DNA of us, and that's how I get God more than our minds can understand, and less than our minds could in all time itself.

Time only means what our image of time to be, otherwise time means nothing and everything just as math itself is only the illusions we give it.

I have justified the sounds and illusions that I witness as God teaching things that come from inside out, and from the space that my body is in sounds, body heat, reflections, gasses, smells, and everything other than I understand.

I hear the wind talk to me as I do lives that have passed when I long to talk to them. I spoke face to face with Adam, Cain, my mother, George Muller, Peter Marshall, Martin Luther, Gladys Aylward, John Huss, and others like Jesus Christ.

Yes, I talk to the dead, but not just people. I had a lot of animals that have died and I once sat with a full house of animals that had passed - you could say like a zoo of dead animals.

When the word says "even eye shall see Christ coming back for then so guess what animals have eyes".

I even believe oxygen has eyes just because we do not see them does not mean they are not there.

Water and dust are two things, dust takes water in and water casts dust out, the change is back and forth.

The water dries dust into mud, then dust and then the water changes into water and back. Even the water on the moon changes to mater what percent of dust or even what percent of water.

Science has proven there is water on the noon so why not on the sun? Otherwise liquid fire is a form of water that we all can witness if we dare.

My mind is spinning so fast I can not stop. All I can do is write things that some might think that I am crazy, but I am with love of truth what even that is. I just read the bible cover to cover in two weeks, but now I can only listen to it.

But I plan to have glasses soon, and holy kiss of the illusion I walk in


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Apr 08, 2013
Drunk With Love.....
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing these wonderful words, your spirit and of your gift with us. I find my thoughts, feeling and love within these words...maybe because the source is the same.

Blessings and happiness be with you always...

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