Tips For Treating
Depression Naturally

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Here are tips for treating depression naturally, especially if your depression is not severe and you're just having some blue days.

Try this daily affirmation: Look yourself in the mirror as you're brushing your teeth or fixing your hair and say,


I believe in the power of affirmations and this one is very powerful.

This may take you by surprise the first time you do this affirmation. You may suddenly feel like crying. Perhaps you won't even be able to say the words. That's okay. What you can say while continuing to look at yourself in the mirror is,

"I am learning to love you and will continue to do so every day."

I encourage you to do this exercise daily, perhaps even 4 to 5 times a day. It is the best gift you can give yourself and is one of the most natural ways for treating depression naturally.

Perhaps your parents didn't give you the love you so craved, but that doesn't mean you can't give it to yourself. Now is the time to start. How you see yourself is what you attract to yourself, that is why this exercise is so important.

What You eat Is Very Important When You are Depressed

When you are feeling depressed, a very important thing that comes to mind is eating the right foods and getting the important vitamins and minerals. Please, please, please stay away from junk foods, it is the worst thing you can do.

You can treat your depression naturally by boosting your seratonin (mood stabilizer) levels with certain foods such as:

  • whole grain breads and pastas (oat, barley, quinoa not wheat), eat this only once a week if you are concerned about your weight
  • yams, potatoes, squashes,
  • root vegetables such as ginger, carrots, turnips, radishes and celery root
  • colored foods such as spinach and blueberries are rich in antioxidants which protect the brain from oxidative damage
  • foods containing amino acid tryptophan such as tofu, dried beans and nuts elevates seratonin
  • foods containing iron and vitamins C such as lentils, citrus, and leafy dark greens (consider making a green shake in your blender - parsley, baby spinach, leafy greens with 1 or 2 cups of water).

Greens help to block mental decline due to the antioxidants blocking free radicals that cause brain fog. You need to energize your brain by taking extra B vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFAs) help the brain to regenerate itself such as:

  • peas
  • beans
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • avocado (1 a day)

Herbs and spices such as ginger, fennel, dill and basil help to elevate your mood and improve brain function.

Your brain is 50% fat, so you need to take at least 2 grams of EFAs to feel good. You can get these EFAs through:

  • flax
  • hemp
  • walnuts and sea greens
  • also take omega 3 supplements to help prevent depression, mood swings and spotty memory
  • peanuts, grapes and berries supply resveratrol to protect brain tissue, this is also available in red wine (1 glass a day is enough), preferably the organic kind to avoid toxins such as sulfites.

Self Talk

Self talk is a good way of treating depression naturally if you know why you are feeling down such as having a disagreement with a friend and you're not on speaking terms. Tell yourself all the good things you like about yourself, and why the relationship was good.

You may realize that your disagreement was trivial in the long run, and it is just a matter of forgiving yourself and your friend  No one is perfect and not everyone is going to do the things that you want.

Perhaps your expectations of others are too high. Give yourself what you need and lighten up on your friend.

Repeating daily affirmations is great for treating depression naturally and they will help you have a positive frame of mind, such as:

Positive Affirmations


Imagine doing what gives you pleasure.

Do Something - Anything

Doing something different takes your mind off your mood and feelings. Perhaps you like to bake or cook. Start doing it.

Do something you are passionate about!

Great Tip - At the End of the Day before you go to sleep   write down everything that you liked about yourself today. For example, tt could be how you responded to a co-worker, or your boss, or a telephone call. How you handled a project.
Keep a notebook beside your bed and do this every night for at least a month, then when you are feeling down on yourself, go back and read your notes.


An easy way of treating depression naturally is through exercise. I know because it is what I did for my depression. I was an exercise nut during my 20's and 30's.

You need to exercise to get your heart rate up and your adrenaline flowing. I'm not suggesting to run 10 kilometers, but you can do some stretches in your home and then go for a brisk 20 minute walk. Join a dance pilates class. It can be great fun!

Find out how Canadian Olympic Athlete Clara Hughes dealt with her depression. Clara Hughes

Listen To Music

Listen to music that your like. If you like rap or disco, the beat will most probably get you moving and before you know it, you're dancing. Or if you prefer relaxing music, light a candle and...try meditating.

Meditate Is Great for Treating Depression Naturally

Meditating at sunriseMeditating at Sunrise

Try to take 15 minutes out of your day for 'you time' where you relax, sit quietly and let your mind go blank. You can use soothing music, or light incense to help you relax. Turn off your phone, computer everything that grabs your attention.

Or you can go outside in nature and sit on the grass where it's quiet, or by water.

Concentrate on your breathing, listen to the air going in and out of your nose, feel your chest rising and falling with each breath. If you're at home and you fall asleep, don't worry about it - you probably need it. It will come with practice. Read my pages on meditation

Spiritual Cleansing

I've done the other things that I gave you tips about for treating depression naturally, but spiritual cleansing has helped me the most with dealing with depression and all the other problems I have had.

Now, I no longer have any depressed days unless I take on someone else's depression. I have to be very aware of this because being a sensitive I can pick it up from anyone anywhere. I can pick up other things too, so I need protection constantly.

It is not something that I came upon easily. It was only through emotional trauma and loss (losing 3 of the most important people in my life - mother, sister and partner) that caused my wake up call.

Because I have this natural ability of communicating in the spiritual realm, it was through the help of my spiritual guides that pulled me through my most devastating depression when I wanted to end my life.

You can find our more about my story through reading my book, which is available at That Damn Voice Again.

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