This Treatment For Panic Attacks Offers Quick Relief

My treatment for panic attacks therapy has evolved through my spiritual awakening,

I thought that my degrees in psychology would be enough in helping others, but I have learned so much more – an understanding of human nature that is not in any textbooks nor field of study.

Causes for negative behaviors and illnesses does not only originate from early childhood experiences where often painful emotions from traumatic situations are forgotten, but also past lives

These painful emotions will often later re-surface through pain in the physical body as illnesses and traumatic behaviors such as panic attacks. Since every cell in the body has an emotional receptor, our pain in our muscles, tendons, bones, organs and mind are caused by our emotional pain.

Emotions from past life situations that remain blocked in the cellular memory are the root cause of anxiety attacks and behavioral relations with others.

I have learned many different approaches in psychology and when necessary I use them in my treatment for panic attacks. But the main aspect of my treatment is to see the root cause of the emotions, which is my specialty, underlying the panic attack.

Causes of Panic Attacks

Traditional Therapy Treatment for Panic Attacks

Generally, therapy treatment for panic attacks treats more than just the symptoms of the problem. It can, in some cases, help you to uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears from your early childhood, teach you how to relax, look at situations in new, less frightening ways, and develop better coping and problem-solving skills. But, these therapy sessions can be long-term and costly.

But if the root cause of the emotions is not released, the panic attacks can be triggered in other situations Most traditional therapists do not consider past life therapy.

One of the traditional therapies used today to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias and other conditions is cognitive behavioral therapy which is based on the premise that our thoughts – not external events – affect the way we feel, which means that it’s your perception of the situation that  determines how you feel.

I understand cognitive behavioral therapy and for certain behaviors it works well, but there are many situations where a person is triggered by an external situation (enclosed in an elevator), place (on a bridge) or person (could be a boss or someone whose behavior invokes anxiety).

Panic Attacks and Treatment

My early panic attacks from childhood into my adult life were eventually healed through finding the root cause of the attacks from my past lives  which were perpetuated in situations in this life time. It was much more than my perception of the situation. It was through releasing the emotions that were caused in traumatic situations from past lives that helped me to heal.

I am so thankful that my ability of hearing the voices of my spiritual guides was the only method for healing my anxiety and panic attacks that I carried for such a long time

Only through releasing specific emotions can you heal from panic attacks, otherwise it will re-surface in other situations.

My Treatment For Panic Attacks

My treatment has been developed through my persevering spiritual work on myself. For more in formation on my work, read spiritual cleansing. Today I am free of the relentless panic attacks that were triggered by specific persons, events and situations. Through my releasing technique for panic attacks, you, too, can heal and stop your panic attacks.

During a treatment session, I am able to see what has happened to an individual in this life or a past life time what is causing the attacks. Then I help them to understand the causes and then help them to release the underlying emotions through my releasing technique.

As my former spiritual guide Matoowah told me:

Tanya you have the vision and knowledge at your disposal to be able to see the blockages someone is carrying through their vibrations and energy and when you need help you ask and receive the answers you need.

Besides having a session with me to help you release your panic attacks permanently, you can help your symptoms during an attack at finding relief from panic attacks.

The Process During Treatment
For Panic Attacks

During a therapy session for panic anxiety attacks, the client needs to participate and understand what is causing the attack and the process is as follows:

  • Addressing the client’s feelings
  • Knowing what the triggers are and locating when and where the attacks occur
  • Finding the root causes and emotions involved
  • Releasing the underlying emotions

Depending on the depth and emotions involved, I can help clients in overcoming panic attacks in 1 to 5 sessions, contact me for treatment for panic attacks.

How My Therapeutic Treatment
For Panic Attacks Evolved

When I was younger I suffered constantly from anxiety and panic attacks. I used to get them before any type of exam, competition or performance. Besides my High School and University exams, I used to study music and had to undertake several exams to go from one level to the other. I also competed for scholarships and music programs and gave concerts.

These high level competitions had taken their toll on me and I finally gave up my music studies because of the severity of the attacks.

Since I stopped studying and playing music, I eventually forgot about the attacks, but they re-surfaced again during my 20’s and 30’s. Usually a failed relationship, job interview, or anything that caused undue stress precipitated the attacks. At that time, I started seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed Valium, the drug of the 70’s.

As my attacks became more serious, I did the unthinkable – I used to take Valium with alcohol, even though it was prohibited by my doctor. When I started having dizzy spells, I took only the amount of alcohol my system could handle. Since I could always hear voices, that was my reason for taking alcohol (to drown the voices), until one day I heard a distinct voice that said I had to stop drinking while taking Valium otherwise I would die.

That frightened me, but it also was a wake-up call. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the psychiatrist and then I tried psychoanalysis, and afterwards joined a self-help group led by a very astute and gentle psychiatrist.

Fast forward to my 50’s – the time I lost loved ones (my mother, sister and partner) which was the worst period of my life. I was not familiar with death nor the grieving process, and if it wasn’t for the voices of my loved ones (I distinctly heard the voices of my mother, sister and partner) I would most likely not be here today.

At that intense time of grieving, I also met my spiritual guide whom I spoke to daily – she coached me through the grieving process, and with her assistance and encouragement I wrote "That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond". which is a compilation of notes from my journal.

My life changed drastically. Matoowah, my spiritual guide at that time, made me aware of my past lives and showed me how my loved ones affected who I was today. As I reviewed past lives with my mother, sister and partner, a different world opened up for me – I was able to see the links with my loved ones today, (find out about cellular memory) and other people throughout my life and the reasons for all of my relationships.  I was spell bound.

Everything I did suddenly made sense to me and my life held new meaning. You can read life's lessons to find out that we all have work to do which boils down to our reasons for being here.

I discovered the roots of my fears, insecurities, rejection issues, anger and more...the work was painful, but as I released and understood more and more, I became more aware and alive. The blinders that were blocking my vision disappeared – all of my experiences and knowledge that I acquired melded together, there were no more huge gaps in understanding myself and human consciousness.

To book a session, you can reach me at online counseling.

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