Trying to Ascertain Whether My Pet is Alive or Not.

by Julie

I have been using the pendulum for over a year now and while the answers are very forthcoming with either yes or no, why doesn't any of what it says come true when it is supposed to be a very accurate medium? It drives me to distraction. I try to be completely relaxed when using it. I make sure I protect myself but I still get the same answer. I want to know whether my cat who ran off is still alive. When I use the pendulum it categorically tells me in a yes motion that he is. I have asked for signs to tell me whether he is alive and I can be thinking about him and I will turn on the TV to an advert with a cat that looks like mine or a person calling his name on the tv or called his name.

I have asked whether he is alive and breathing and eating on planet earth and the response is a resounding yes.

I have been told by three mediums he is dead because he got run over, but a fourth one tells me that he is alive. Am I influencing the pendulum because why else am I constantly being told that he is alive? I have got two of my friends to use the pendulum without touching the actual pendulum and to ask the same question and they always get a yes for an answer. I also ask if I will get him back and it says yes and gives me dates but the dates go by and nothing and, I get the same information when asking other questions, but nothing again happens.

Where and I going wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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Mar 20, 2017
My Pendulum Allowed Me to Ask About your Pet Cat.
by: David

I asked questions about your pet cat Fred. These are the answers I got.

I got that he was alive as we think of alive (incarnate in the physical). He is healthy and well cared for by an older single woman that lives in a house. She keeps him indoors. He is between 4-5 miles southeast of your home.

But remember dowsing in some areas is not 100%. When I check on mine it tends to be between 90-95%. I believe he is alive and in healthy condition.

Mar 09, 2017
Using The Pendulum has been a Very Dissapointing Experience
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Julie,

Do not let other people use your pendulum as their vibrations are different from yours.

If you decide not to use your pendulum, that is your choice. Not everyone uses a pendulum.

Trust your intuition.

There are many books you can read about dowsing and using a pendulum. Walt Wood's Letter to Robin is known by dowsers around the world and is one of the best references for dowsing.

Sending light and love,

Mar 04, 2017
Using The Pendulum has been a Very Dissapointing Experience
by: Julie

I thought maybe I am influencing the pendulum that is why I have asked two of my friends to ask the question using my pendulum, but while I am not in the room.

I have asked the pendulum and then thought about something completely different. I cannot understand why I wouldn't have permission to ask the question. If he is dead, I would at least have closure.

I am very disappointed that nothing it tells me comes true and yet several people have told me that it is extremely accurate. I think maybe I should stop using the pendulum as I feel I am wasting my time getting answers that don't come true.

Mar 04, 2017
Trying to Ascertain Whether My Pet is Alive or Not.
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Julie,

Here is a question to consider:
"Do I have permission to ask this question?" or
"Should be asking this question?"

May be you are not supposed to know the answer.

The other possibility is that you are too emotionally involved and so you cannot be objective when asking questions about your cat.

I know that when I am too emotionally invested in something, I cannot get a straight answer.

The best information on dowsing is at Walt Woods' Letter to Robin.

Sending light and love,

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