Trying To Make Sense of Recent Happenings.

by CharmingWhiteEyes

I grew up in a spiritual hodgepodge. My father has always practiced Native American shamanism, my step-mother Wicca and my entire maternal family various forms of Christianity. This has lead me to an on again off again spiritual relationship of sorts.

I have had so many different experiences that most of my friends would lock me away as crazy if I ever told them. Many not so good and some pretty great. Anyway, I've not been practicing any specific religion for a couple of years, just meditating every so often when the mood strikes. The last time I meditated was probably about a month ago.

So tonight I was thinking that the past few days seemed to have flown by and I upon reflection I can't remember any specifics about anything between the 20th and 24th. I was looking at other information on your site and realized I've had a lot happen in the past few months. I left my job in September and have been limping along financially since then. I've been super stressed at times, but then felt peaceful at other times. I even had a crying bout last week that lasted 4 hours, but I had no idea then nor any idea now why I felt the need to cry like that.

I remember picking my son up on 12/20, and teasing my brother on 12/21 that the world didn't explode in a ball of flame then the next thing I can recall is going to see my mother on Christmas eve.

Tonight I was attempting to work online and suddenly felt the need to look further in the 12/21 mystery. Somehow in my searching I found your site and now I'm wondering if my symptoms could be a sign of ascension. Also my son has similar symptoms, body aches, erratic sleep schedule, doesn't remember the last few days.

Any insight would be nice. Thanks.

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